Imagining a World

This is VERY special. It really is one of those MUST hear broadcasts.

The Power of Literature: Andrew O’Hagan

Today we bring you the opening address of the 2007 Sydney Writers’ Festival by one of Scotland’s most gifted writers, Andrew O’Hagan. In his address titled ‘The Power of Literature: The News That Stays News’, he argues that words and imagination are our great protectors. And when you hear what he has to say, delivered in his sonorous Glasgow accent, you might also walk away convinced of the power of books. It’s quite a feast of ideas this morning, told by an erudite and funny writer.

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That is a marvellous speech, by a very entertaining speaker. Thank you for pointing it out. Literature is indeed an amazing thing.

But now the part of me that wants to write fiction is feeling small and shrivelled and insignificant and ineffectual and incompetent :frowning:

Well Siren, here’s a little challenge you will really enjoy.

Dig up the Studio Ghibli DVD titled, WHISPER OF THE HEART. It is a love story about a little girl who wants to be a writer. If you still feel small, shrivelled, insignificant, ineffectual and incompetent after that then all I can recommend is a career in dentistry or accounting.

There is almost a 100% certainty that you will be inspired again and feel wonderful as well.