Has anyone else come across this?

I only have about two words of German, but the video tells you quite a lot. It looks an interesting experiment. I’ve downloaded it and will toy with it. The visuals are fairly unappealing to me, but usability is what interests me most at this point.

I have tried to use Tinderbox, several times, and even for periods of weeks, and cannot really find a use for it. It simply doesn’t seem to do what I want to do. In short, it doesn’t really help me with my work. Interesting program, but not a help to me.

iMapping looks more fluid, and I’m more interested in links and connections than categories. People will no doubt say that Tinderbox does connections too, but so far I haven’t found a way that satisfies me. The Brain interests me, but it’s far too expensive, and there are other things I’m not too sure about.

Anyway, if anyone has tried iMapping, do they have any comments?


Hey Martin, long time no see! Welcome back. Hope all is going well for you.


Mark (who’s not actually interested in the software though!)

My sentiments, also.

I don’t know iMapping, but, to judge from the video, it appears to bear a slight resemblance to Curio, which I do use and value.

Many thanks to you both! It is good to be back in the warm embrace of this wonderful community.

I must go and have a lie down now.

But seriously, until a few days ago I had’t really written anything longer than an email since 2011, so I had barely opened Scrivener in the intervening time. Being faced with the need to write 2,000 words, and the extra attraction of version 3, has brought me back to Scrivener, and it has been a pleasant return. Still feeling my way around, but much feels familiar and comfortable. I’m also attracted by the ideas that Ioa put into a post somewhere about using Scrivener as a note-taking app, with some of the advantages of Tinderbox. I think I’ll still be trying to work out what to do with my notes as they are nailing the coffin lid down, but you never know …

Anyway, very nice to be back, and I hope to be around rather more in the future.

Curio – yes, I used it in the past but it didn’t stick for some reason. Not sure why. I might have to look at it again. It was certainly quite a pretty-looking app, but I seem to remember I found it just a tad clunky in use.


thank you mbbntu for iMapping, will try it
I tried Curio previously, it is beautiful visually but somewhat complex

after playing around with imapping, if anyone wants a Curio similar software for windows this is the one.

It’s a great stuff. Very convenient. And definitely better than Curio