<$img:ImageName> not available for windows? (compile)

I am attempting to compile and want to put a separator image between my sections. I consulted google and just about every blogger+dog cheerfully explains that you simply need to import your image then use the <$img> placeholder. Issue: This simply does not work. When I put <$img:1;w=100> as a custom separator in the compiler it separates the sections by literally inserting “<$img:1;w=100>”. Of similar note, <$hn> also does not work although I see it listed as specifically being supported by the Windows version in the sticky on this forum. Is there something I am missing? Do I need to turn these on somewhere?

I noticed the same thing - there are many google results purporting this img tag for inserting pics when compiling - but none of the code seems to work???

Seeing requests like this a lot lately. The forum has a wonderful search function. By searching for “Windows placeholders” I was able to find a link to this helpful resource for the Windows version of Scrivener in the first three results:

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … -tags-list

I was also able to find several existing threads where L&L staff explained that the img placeholder is not yet available in the Windows version. I suspect that we should have a good idea of whether that is planned to be in the version 3 release for Windows once we see the Mac version 3 release and the Windows beta becomes available.

I have not seen the Windows beta and have no inside information, but a stated goal of the 3.0 release (and the reason why Windows Scrivener is skipping 2.0) is to achieve feature parity between the platforms.


Appendix D in the Windows Scrivener user manual also lists every placeholder available. If it is not in the list, we don’t support it yet. The macOS version does not have this appendix as the list is much longer and is fully documented in the software’s Help menu itself.

Sigh, always at least one. For (supposedly) a forum full of writers, the reading comprehension here is abysmally low.

I did search. I found a sticky. You would know this if you had read the part where I said: “Of similar note, <$hn> also does not work although I see it listed as specifically being supported by the Windows version in the sticky on this forum.”

I have systematically gone through all the “supported” tags. None of them work. Between the incredibly unfriendly people here and the non-existent technical support, I don’t think I will be getting ver3.

Perhaps the problem is not solely in the reading comprehension, but in the writing that conflates two separate issues. If you did that search and found the sticky post that listed the tags that are supported and the img tag was not on them, then why were you asking if it worked – especially if you’d already tested the supported tags and they didn’t work either?

I mean, c’mon, nobody’s perfect here and nobody can read minds. All we can do is work with what you give us, and people here bend themselves over BACKWARDS to help strangers. I did see that quoted part of your post, but the significance didn’t register because I was already focused on the “but img isn’t supported on Windows” issue and trying to find documentation for that.

That’s a completely different problem, one that we can’t help you fix unless we know that’s the case, and you didn’t state that until now. I don’t have time right now, but tomorrow I will be happy to play with my copy and see if I can replicate the issue. In the meantime, another forum user might be able to jump in before then.

That is, of course, your prerogative. However, may I suggest that you chalk this up to a mutual misunderstanding, give folks an actual chance, and see if we can’t help you come to some more satisfactory resolution?