import and export project

I have a WP website and I wish to have all my posts on the cork board to see them all in single view. It’s more than 50 posts.

so, at first I was looking for a way to automate this process or adding those posts to scrivener. If you have a solution for this , let me know.

Anyway, Then I decided I can give this work to a VA who can go to my website and then do this project on his computer.

My question is how do export the project form his computer and importing it to mine? I saw there is a whole file structure and I’m not sure what’s the right way to copy it to my computer.

Hey Guys,
Was hoping to get a reply on this.
Anyone can help?

The corkboard is going to show only a text synopsis that you’ll have to copy and paste from each full post.

The best way to import from WordPress is determined by how much control you have over your dashboard and theme. I don’t recall the details, but the strategy is to make sure that the Category view shows 50 posts at a time, either full or excerpted. Then display the category and copy and paste that whole screen from your browser into a Scrivener doc. It’ll look like one long jumbled link. This can be fixed by selecting all within the Scrivener doc and cutting and pasting again. Then I’d run Document > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style, to give a uniform look to the subdocuments you’re planning to create.

If you get that far, your next goal is to split your new Scrivener doc into separate docs. So you’d paste a delimiter like <—>, or whatever, between each post in your master doc. Then drag the document from the binder out into another Windows folder, where it’ll be a named RTF file. Then, in Scrivener, run File > Import > Import and Split. Find the document you just dragged out, and set the delimiter for whatever you used. Your posts should then be a group of individual documents. You should be able to see them on the corkboard, albeit with just a title.

Good Luck – Jerome

Once in Scrivener, splitting the document into individual posts is going to be easier. Just position your cursor on the first element of each post and use the Documents->Split menu.

Once your VA has done this, just have him/her go to File->Backup->Back Up to… and choose to .zip compress the output. That file can be transported via Dropbox, a thumb drive, or possibly email, though if you have a lot of images in your blog, it may end up too big to send that way.

Once you have the .zip file on your computer, extract the .scriv folder and all it’s sub-folders & files, and then you can open the project like any other.

Thank you guys, for the detailed answers.

Both seems most of an overkill for what I needed. :slight_smile:

I’ll ask my VA to go on every post and copy the title to the corkboard along with a link.

Then I’m going to use the backup system you’ve mentioned robertdguthrie.

rock on!