Import and split feature?

I just saw a great tutorial by David Hewson on the ability of Scrivener to bring in a huge manuscript and with a simple IMPORT AND SPLIT command, one is able to break up the manuscript into specified chunks

Imagine my wail of despair as I dashed to do just that in MY Windows Scrivener, only to find out it was apparently only a MAC option… Or I couldn’t find it on my 103 menu.

Is this truly wondrous option on the near horizon for us Windows Orphans?

I feel just like Oliver Twist: “Please, sir, I want some more.”

Quietly sighing and hoping…

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doing so now.

Marta, I’m afraid its Mac only for now but I’m assuming its on Windows roadmap…

In the meantime a workaround is using a symbol such as # where you want a split then importing. Once imported use the Find function Edit > Find [Ctrl+F] to find each symbol then split Documents > Split > at selection [Ctrl+K] inelegant but it gets job done.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the tip
What I was doing was similar— using the Find function to find “chapter.”
But it takes a while, so here’s hoping the “Import and split feature” is on the way soon. I can’t think of a better selling point to feature in promo. The writers I know have at least a first draft in the works. That was a sticking point for one of the two people I showed Scrivener to–he said it would be too much work to break it up. I told him it was worth it. That once he got working in Scrivener he would see the organizing benefit, but he wasn’t dissuaded. (of course, his novel is a long epic, so I understand his point, but I still think Scrivener could help him immensely )
Everyone has a different method, I guess