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I’m trying to import an MS Word .docx with internal hyperlinks—the kind that links not to a web page, not to files, not to email addresses, but to a bookmarked place in the same document. Is it possible to import and preserve those links in Scrivener? Is it possible to have them export back to Word during compile?

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I seriously doubt it’s possible. Word doesn’t have a structure anything like Scrivener’s.

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Try it and see, but I would say probably not.

It might be possible via the Import and Split function if the destination of the link is something that Scrivener recognizes, like a heading. But there’s no mechanism in Scrivener for linking to arbitrary paragraphs.

You can create links between documents in Scrivener, and preserve those through the Compile command.

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Thank you. I will play around with “Import and Split.” Using Calibre, I am able to move the links back and forth between .docx and .epub files—for what it’s worth. If I were to unzip the epub into html files, would Scrivener be able to comprehend their internal links?

Scrivener, as software (as opposed to a file format, like docx or html that sits passively on the disk and can be converted with tools that do so) has no concept of internal links, at least in the form you are referring to. It can of course insert hyperlinks to sections of the binder, but that is not a compatible concept with with bookmarking, which can place markers anywhere. So there would be no way to import them.

As for this kind of linking in general though, here is a post on how you can go about creating internal references to spots in your text.

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Got it! Many thanks for this.