Import/Export compile settings across Windows/OSX


I employ rather complex compile presets (which keep evolving ) with a lot of Regex code to ease the way from Multimarkdown to LaTeX. Is there a way or workaround to import/export these across plattforms that is between OSX and Windows?

Compile settings seem to be stored in .ini in Windows and .plist in OSX, as I read here:


These formats are claimed to be incompatible and a look in a text editor made me think that there was no quick fix to adopt them manually. read that Scrivener developers plan to fix this in a later release, but I would really need a workaround for now.

Currently I have stored the compile presets as Preset Replacements. Is there a way to convert them to Project Replacements? I tried importing/exporting using Project Templates, but the compile presets didn’t show up.

Thanks for the support

There is no RegEx support in Windows yet, so even if there were a way to do this you wouldn’t get the benefit of doing so. There are numerous little differences like that, the compiler is still one of the areas that has the most difference with the Mac version.

Thanks for the reply.

Are there any plans for when this will be fixed, i.e. first the cross-plattform transfer of settings, and second RegEx support in Windows? Is this on the roadmap for next feature release or one within half a years time, for example?

I think such differences should be communicated more openly and directly.

As mentioned on this page:

We do hope to make compile settings something that will work on both platforms, though I can say nothing about when or even if that will happen.