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Firstly… I’m a screenwriter and there’s a lot I like about Scrivener. In fact I’d like to transfer all my ongoing projects into this format.

However… what would make my life much, much easier is if I could import Final Draft documents and retain the screenplay formatting. At the moment it looks like I can import the PDF versions of scripts, but then I’d need to copy and paste each scene… and then reformat as well.
As my goal is to transfer all my script projects to Scrivener, then that’s a massive undertaking (six projects at about 110 pages a piece! Eek!) - I think we’re looking at least a full day’s work for each script, maybe more.
Anyway, if there is one improvement I would ask for it would be that… I’m guessing that the same applies for people using Movie Magic or Movie Outline as their primary writing tool.

And as this is a wish list… if it were also possible to export back into Final Draft or to create a FDR file as an export that would be super, marvelous and perfect.

From a business POV screenwriters need to be able to submit FDR files (as this has become an industry standard)… and the import thing is about the seamless move from one tool to the next.


Scrivener 1.5 can import and export Final Draft .fcf files. Save from Final Draft as .fcf and drag the resulting file into Scrivener. 1.5 can be downloaded from the Beta Testing forum - it will become a public release soon.

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Excellent… will do so immediately

Hi there.
My first post.

Very interested in this software and have downloaded 1.5 as per the recommendations on this forum.

I typed up a test in Scrivener, chose to export to Final Draft. Opened the document in Final Draft and there is no formatting at all.

Also when I try to import a final draft document into Scrivener they appear “grayed out”

What am I doing wrong?


You cannot import Final Draft FDR files - that is a private Final Draft format. You can import FCF files (provided you are using the latest beta, available from the Beta Testing forum). You need to Save As from Final Draft and choose File Converter Format - that will be imported into Scrivener (again, only the beta in the Beta Testing forum, though).

As for formatting, you either need to export as plain text, or, if you are using the latest beta, save as FCF and open that in Final Draft. Elements will be matched against those in Scrivener, so you must be using Scrivener’s script writing mode for the elements to get exported properly, and the FCF format only works well with standard screenplay formatting, not more custom formatting.

Hopefully there will be even better Final Draft support in the future.

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Thanks for clearing that up Keith.

Looking forward to better FD support in the future.