Import from Word stripped footnotes

Hi all:

I’m a new user, as of today. I imported my first Word file and noticed that all the footnote reference numbers were missing, both in the next and the numbers preceding the notes. The notes themselves appeared at the end of the document, but I don’t really want to have to go through and manually enter all the notes in this book manuscript. Thanks for the advice.


Safest way is to use Word and export the file to RTF and then import that into Scrivener. Your footnotes should be there. The problem is in the Apple importer for binary .doc files that Scrivener relies on; .rtf files don’t go through that, so everything should be OK.

If you don’t have Word, but do have Pages (best for this in my experience) or Nisus, use that to do the job. Other alternatives, I imagine are OpenOffice or Mellel, but I’ve never tried either of those.

If you have a .doc with images, then I’ve found it best to use Pages to export to RTFD and import that. Nisus could do that as well, but not OpenOffice or Mellel, I think. Word .docx with images seem to import OK, but there can be problems with image sizes.


Can Pages handle footnotes in RTF though? It opens .doc/x files just fine, but it’s RTF exporter is roughly about as “lean” as TextEdit. LibreOffice/OpenOffice/etc is the best free way to go from .doc to .rtf without Word, in my experience.