Import Issue -- New User

Having issues here. This is the trial version, so ofc I wish to test it before considering purchase. However, when I try to import my book to check out the revision capabilities I am met with this. There are no projects in Scrivener. This is my first import attempt. No…I’m not currently editing in Word with a fail on closing down Word first. I rebooted the machine to be sure the files weren’t being used elsewhere…same error. I tried this with 20 of the chapters…same error.


So you don’t have a directory ending in scriv with your file in it?

No. I’ve done nothing with this program apart from open it. This is my first attempt to import anything…after watching the tutorial video.

Initially I thought Dropbox might be the issue, that it might be creating a use conflict between the two programs. But after disabling/removing all dropbox bits for book one I’m still getting the same error message.

Alright…the search completed, there are no scriv files. But, the header for the utterly blank project is the same as the chapter 1 title that I tried to import…

Is there some incompatibility between Scrivener and Microsoft Office 2007?

I even sent myself to the folder containing the current project and it is blank when only scriv files are selected. If I select all files, there is nothing extra, just the chapters for that book. For whatever reason, it’s sending me to the original save folder for that book, and the chapter I tried to import.

These are not settings I created. All I did was select the import option and then choose chapter 1 of book one and the error message popped up. I do not know how it is that there is a ‘blank’ connection between the original save folder for this chapter and the blank project that seems to have taken over Scrivener. Yes…I’ve tried creating new projects…same error.

I can’t even close this blank project, or delete it…since there is no file attached to it. Attempts to close it down only closes Scrivener.

Suggestions? It would be nice to have side-by-side available for my revision…but if this software is just hopelessly buggy, I’ll do it the more tedious way.