Import multiple files in folders

Is it possible to import multiple files in folders that are in nested folded without having to open each individual folder please?

I’m trying to import content from an Obsidian vault into Scrivener. Thank you for your help.

Haven’t a clue what your export options are in Obsidian and a quick look at their site gives no clues.

If you can export to .doc/x and it kept a chapter/scene type structure you could do an import and split.

The easiest way to do this is probably to drag the top level “vault” folder into the binder, from File Explorer. I theory you can use the File ▸ Import ▸ Files... menu command as well, but it requires more steps to do the same thing.

The only oddity I get when doing that is you’ll get the hidden .obsidian and .trash folders imported as untitled folders, but you can just trash those after import. That’s probably worth writing up as a bug. I would say hidden folders and files should be ignored when importing.

Thank you Ioa for the suggestion. I shall do that when I am on desktop.

Or at the very least make that an option – not all Windows users understand the .files are hidden files, since that’s Unix file semantics, not Windows.