Import not splitting

I have a file that will not split when I import it into Scriver (Windows v3). It was originally a google doc that I downloaded as a .docx file, then opened in Libre Office and re-save as a .docx file. All the heading styles are there (I only used H1 and H2). Every time I import it telling scrivener to “Split using documents outline structure” it just imports the whole document as a single section. The ironic part is that the heading styles are preserved in the text!

I am very confused about why this is not working, when scrivener clearly “sees” the headings. Going in and splitting the section up manually is possible but I had been hoping to avoid the extra work.

Can you check if the “Level” setting in the Styles have the correct values? H1 should have Level 1, H2, Level 2, etc.

You can always split on a Marker, but hierarchie is lost if you do.

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