Import of film manuscripts

I have some film manuscripts produced with a program called Sophocles, which was very popular at one time but is no longer available. For safety’s sake I would like to transfer them to Scrivener. Sophocles can save film scripts in several well-known formats for film manuscripts such as Movie Magic and Final Draft and I should like to know whether Scrivener can import any of these formats.

I believe Final Draft is supported. Try it with a test project created from a screenplay template. You can always throw out the project if it doesn’t work the first time, and try other options.

Thanks, Robert. I’ll test that.

Scrivener imports FDX fine; I don’t know if Sophocles exports it.

You might find it useful to download the free Writer Solo app, which can import several formats including RTF and PDF, and can save them back out as FDX.