Import old project into new template?

The 2.0 upgrade went flawlessly (so far); everything archival and in-progress re-opened all shiny and new. But when I was leafing through the template library I saw the new recipe template. As I have a rather large collection of recipes (for a possible book project) stuffed into 1.5, is there a way to impose the new recipe template on it en masse? Or is it a matter of dragging each one into a freshly templated blank window one at a time? Or can it be done at all?

If anyone knows.

It would probably be easiest to just create a new project using the template, and then drag your recipes in from the old project (you’ll need to update it to the 2.0 format before you can drag between binders). This might be more complicated if you’ve done a lot of cross-referencing with Scrivener links. If the existing project is fairly well established, it might be easier to just scan the new project for things you want to adopt, and add those to your existing project.

Thanks, Amber (still adjusting to the name change). Everything, on all my Scriv projects, updated flawlessly (I think) and quickly. I’ll try dragging them over into the new templated project one at a time, which will give me the chance for some live reorganization.

Yeah, given the amount of custom meta-data and such in this template, that might be a good idea anyway.