Import OneNote notebook into Scrivener?

I did do a search on this, but didn’t find what I was looking for. Basically, I’d like to see if Scrivener’s Binder/Folder/File structure approach would be a decent replacement for OneNote, which I’ve used for years, but I’d rather not have to manually recreate all my OneNote notebooks.

Microsoft has been on a minimalism tear recently, and they’ve made the interface so bland and uncustomizable that it’s hard to work with. I mean, only one sublevel? Sheesh.

Given MS’s propensity towards proprietary formats, I’m guessing there’s no good way to export a OneNote notebook into Scrivener, but I thought I’d ask. Thanks.

Microsoft revised the OneNote 2016 look (some 2 years back), have recently incorporated most of the OneNote UWP or OneNote for Windows 10 unique stuff and will be dropping the minimalist version in the next year or three. That said, they have another agenda to make the internet version of everything the de facto standard—till they learn their lesson again.
Too bad for them they lost me when they intended to replace everything with the minimalist interface disaster aimed at schoolkids with their Program Manager running around the country in a purple cape.

Kevitec57 I am truly not a fan of monotone interfaces where I can’t pick out, at a glance, the item I’m looking for–and I’m not given any options for customization. This new UI approach of MS’s seems to be the app equivalent of everyone dressing in black.

I don’t think there’s a one-step process. If you’re up for multiple steps, I see that OneNote will export to Word, which you can then import into Scrivener. Might be worthwhile experimenting with it. If the process seems doable, perhaps you can keep your oldest/least accessed notes ‘archived’ in OneNote, and migrate the other active stuff to Scrivener over time.

I’m on OneNote for 365, which supports 3 levels in total.

While I’m sure it works for many, Scrivener wouldn’t work for me. My style of note-taking generally involves longer not shorter pages of text, with text to text linking within and across pages and notebooks. As Scrivener does not support text to text linking, it’s a non-starter for me.


Jim, I did see DOCX as one option under OneNote export, so it seems like some experimentation is in order. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing some magic-wand approach to the transfer.

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