import pages files directly?

Hi I’m trying to import Pages files from icloud directly to the ios app. i tap the “import”? icon (third from left on bottom), select “iCloud Drive”, select “Pages”, at which point I see all my Pages files, but they are not selectable so I cannot import them. What am I doing wrong?


As far as I know, I don’t think the Scrivener iOS supports Pages documents. I would assume (but could be very wrong!) that it only supports the .scriv file format.

You will need to open the document in Pages, then choose to share from Pages and choose “Word” format. Then choose “Open In” and open the document in Scrivener.

Scrivener does not support the .pages format directly. It’s not possible for apps made by anyone other than Apple to support Pages files, because Apple does not make the file format public. By contrast, Microsoft’s .docx format is published publicly, so I was able to write importers and exporters for it. As Pages can export to Word format, though, you can still get your files to Scrivener, it’s just that you need to use Pages to do it and can’t open the files directly.

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