Import rows from spreadsheet as new text

I have a spreadsheet on which I have entered a series of dates in each row, each with the page they are entered in a diary and other information in separate cells along the row.

Is there any way I could import each row as a new text item into my scrivener document, with the date as a title?

I know I can copy and paste one at a time, but there are hundreds of rows, and I’d love to be able to do it more easily.

First off, you want to get the data out of spreadsheet format since Scrivener won’t be able to read those or do anything with them. You’ll want plain-text, which a CSV export from your software will do.

Next, you’ll probably want to reformat that a bit in a text editor, using some searches and replaces. For example you want to take this:

2024-06-19,Title of section,Blah blah...

And turn it into this, as an example:

Title of section

Blah blah...

The dashes give you something to use for Scrivener’s File ▸ Import ▸ Import & Split... command. Otherwise, you could also use that command with the CSV file untouched, and split by carriage returns alone. So long as having the original comma-separated data in each text item is okay with you, that would surely be the easiest.

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Thanks AmberV, that’s incredibly helpful.

I wish I’d waited for your reply. Instead I went a bit clever and a bit brute force - a formula field in Sheets that added everything one after another. Then after pasting a whole lot of Split using selection as header :smiley: