Import Splits for Windows - Using Documents structure option

Hi guys,

I read on the L&L blog that there is an option when importing and splitting a word doc to select ‘Use Documents structure’ - but it looks like that might be on macOS only?? I don’t get that option when I select import and split on my PC. I only have the ‘sections are seperated by’ option.

I want to split my word doc into chapters in Scrivener when I import. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

What version are you on?
This works fine in the Windows 3.x versions of Scrivener:



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Hmmm, this is all I get! I’ve checked for Scrivener updates and it says I’m up to date but I’m thinking something isn’t right here.

Okay…according to this I’m on an ancient history version…Version: - 14 Nov 2019
I don’t understand why it hasn’t been updating!

Yep, went looking and found that. Have installed it :slight_smile: Do you happen to know if I should ‘uninstall’ the old version? Or just leave it be? Thanks for your help

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For tips on running both versions at once, see also §3.2.1, Running Multiple Versions, in the user manual PDF. It’s pretty straight-forward though, and there is no risk in doing so. Just be aware that when you are finally done with v1, and uninstall it, you might need to reinstall v3 to get things back to normal, as the uninstaller may remove file type associations and such. If everything seems to work normal though, you can probably skip that step.

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