Can I upgrade to Scrivener 3, but run v.1.9 in parallel for a while?

Eagerly looking forward to the release of Scrivener 3 for Windows and to upgrading, but I would rather run it in parallel to Scrivener 1.9.13 for a while - say a couple of months,

Is there a way of doing that, or will an upgrade unavoidably write over v1.9?

I know L&L wouldn’t be releasing Scrivener 3 unless the upgrade were straightforward and stable, but a big upgrade to a big program that’s crucial to your professional life takes time before you can operate in the new layout and facilities as fluently and un-stressily as in the old,

I’ve currently got a huge, 5-year project in 1.9, and would rather avoid the clumsy, stressful phase in that, but instead, in parallel, get used to the new layout peacefully with smaller and less crucial projects.

  1. Yes, you’re absolutely right to run them in Parallel until you have finished your big 1.9 Project or have used v. 3 enough to be comfortable migrating fully.

  2. Go over to the Beta Testing forum:
    and read the notes, which explain about running them in parallel.

  3. Compile is the most difficult part of the upgrade to get your head round, if you’ve got used to compiling in v. 1.x. The new Compile is much more powerful and flexible when you understand it and is easier if you haven’t been compiling with v. 1.x.

  4. Most important thing about the new Styles system is that “No Style”, the formatting you set in the options as you do in v. 1.x, is what becomes “Normal” when you compile to DOCX, RTF etc. Only set styles for things like headings, block quotes, captions, etc., i.e. anything that deviates from “Normal”. If you define your own “Normal” style, you are setting yourself up for headaches when it comes to compile … I learned that the hard way when migrating from Mac v. 2 to v. 3.

Hope that helps.