Scrivener 3.0 Beta - Release Candidate 10 (Download Links & Change List)

Before proceeding, please see the general notes about the Windows 3.0 beta and reporting bugs in the first reply to this thread. Please do not download the current beta or post reports until you have read that information.

Current: Beta - Release Candidate 10, version

Latest Beta - Release Candidate 10 Download Link (64-bit) | (32-bit)

(The 32-bit version installs by default to C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener on administrator accounts; the 64-bit version installs to C:\Program Files\Scrivener. Please be sure to uninstall previous betas before installing this Beta. If you wish, your program preferences can be saved first via the “Manage…” button in File > Options, then reloaded after the fresh installation. Bear in mind that changes between betas may affect restoring settings, and if you are experiencing oddities, please try resetting to the defaults.)

New interim betas will be posted here; please check Help > About Scrivener to ensure you are using the most recent version. You can subscribe to this topic to get notifications when new betas are released.

You can also use Help > Check for Updates in beta releases to download the latest beta.

System Requirements and Compatibility

  • Scrivener 3 requires Windows 7 or above with .NET v4.6.2 or higher.
  • Scrivener 3’s file format has been updated and is not backwards-compatible with Scrivener 1 (or Scrivener 2 on macOS). When you open a Scrivener 1 project in Scrivener 3, you will be prompted to update the project, after which you will not be able to open it in Scrivener 1 (although a backup will be made before the update).

Installing 1.9.9 and 3.0 Beta Side by Side
It is possible to have both 1.9.9 and the Scrivener 3.0 beta installed simultaneously, but you will need to choose a different location during the installation process (e.g. change the default “Scrivener” folder name to “Scrivener3”). We suggest also changing the name of 1.9.9 shortcuts before installing Scrivener 3 to prevent the new installation overwriting them.

Please note that at this time, only the most recently installed Scrivener version will appear in the Windows Programs list, and double-clicking a project file will attempt to open it in that version. You can instead drag the project file icon onto the appropriate app icon for the version you want or use File > Open… within Scrivener to access the project.

Bug Fixes and Resolved Items

  • Scratch pad notes not saved if Scrivener shut down [4687]
  • Footnote to Endnote output for RTF is nonfunctional [4689]
  • Outliner columns do not save from one session to the next [4685]
  • Finalize default Shortcut theme and close out shortcut changes [4686]
  • Resolve Mac Shortcut Scheme conflicts with Windows OS [4684]
  • Compile: Make opening words uppercase treats apostrophe as word break [4682]
  • Styles apply incorrectly to multiple selection [3935]
  • Use of the Convert to Default Text Formatting command strips styles [4657]
  • Apply style when creating/redefining style from selection [2510]
  • Character styles applying to full paragraph if no selection [2513]
  • Certain inserted images wipe preceding images [2081]
  • Go To Enclosing Group should select previous document [1094]
  • Font size does not apply when included in redefining style [3746]
  • Deleting a snapshot can delete multiple snapshots [4664]
  • Converting web pages imported as shortcuts deletes original file [4666]
  • Cancel load Scrivenings session [907]
  • Project template categories have UI duplication and clean-up issues [3423]
  • Reduce button size in Scratch Pad [1255]
  • Transcript scriptwriting requires media timestamp feature [4380]
  • Show Invisibles state is broken after being used in Quick Reference window [4678]
  • Alt Shortcuts not Updating Correctly [3048]
  • Update Help > Keep Up to Date [4688]
  • Image resolution does not affect size in editor [686]
  • Implement <$mediaPlaybackTime> placeholder [4679]
  • Change Move menu and shortcuts for paragraphs [2411]
  • Ctrl+Shift+Arrows has incorrect binding in the inspector [4565]
  • Preferred split orientation should be saved in project settings [4148]
  • Closing split editor via button toggle should focus remaining editor [4667]
  • images inserted into the editor as linked to disk have wrong size [4343]
  • Whole Word search not returning results [2445]
  • Styles panel does not reliably highlight currently used styles under cursor [4344]
  • The application of paragraph styles with font settings produces partial styling [4265]
  • Polish the Styles Dialog [4673]
  • Specific JPG will not load in Scrivener [1913]
  • Enclosing Group and Editor Selection affect binder [395]
  • Refine Go To Enclosing Group behaviour [1301]
  • Combination of layout settings causes navigation malfunction [4449]
  • RTF-based output should establish styled document outline in header [4623]
  • Compile - Document Title Links - should only appear when relevant [4001]
  • Compile Does Not Retain Front Matter Selection [4646]
  • Application of styles lacking font-family declaration should not change font family [4658]
  • Compile - Footnotes - match body indents setting is nonfunctional [4450]
  • Scratchpad plain text editor does not use Options colors [4659]
  • Status-bar zoom percent incorrect when using “Fit To Window” [4681]
  • User-definable shortcuts for all menu items [1531]
  • Incorrect Label in Keyboard Shortcuts [3627]
  • Open in X editor shortcuts should remain consistent [4165]
  • Shortcut accessed needed for text selection commands [4573]
  • Show loaded collection name in quick search for corkboard and outliner [4680]
  • Find Forward in Scrivenings mode searches only the current document [4663]
  • Keyboard shortcuts don’t recognise modified variations of same key [405]
  • Selections made from the right do not indicate character styled text [4320]
  • Missing menu View > Outliner Options > Center Content [4545]
  • Option to turn off displaying photos on corkboard [881]
  • Change .bak to -bak for automatic backups [4230]
  • Importing Web Pages with Unicode characters inside the import Title fail [4662]
  • Add option to change the Page View background colour [3106]
  • Dark mode annotations unreadable and other improvements within this mode[3938]
  • Settings: Appearance: General Interface - collection background darkness slider missing
  • Dark Mode Notes background makes cursor hard to see [4690]

Note: to see Dark Mode fixes, you will need to load another theme and then reload the Dark Mode theme again.

We are aware of one bug (listed below) that can hang Scrivener, and zero bugs that cause data loss, so if you are aware of any other bugs that can hang Scrivener, or cause data loss, please let us know. The only crash bug we know about is:-

Merging cells in table can crash under certain conditions

If you would like to try a HiDPI version of RC10 you can download it here: (64-bit HiDPI) | (32-bit HiDPI). The HiDPI version is the same Scrivener code, but compiled with the latest Qt 5.15 C++ framework that is supposed to better address Microsoft Windows scaling.

We’d especially appreciate feedback on how this works for those of you who have found certain dialogs (such as compile and options) too large with your screen’s display scaling. The high-DPI updates have made significant improvements in our testing, and we’re hoping you see the same!

Beta Release Candidate 10 expires 15th Oct 2020.

A Note on Suggestions
To help resolve remaining bugs, we’d appreciate keeping the beta forum posts dedicated to bug reports or questions on working with the beta. Suggestions for the interface or functionality should instead be posted in Scrivener’s general wishlist forum, since most of these affect the design for both Windows and macOS. Thank you!

Lee & Tiho
Sept 14th 2020

Windows_Placeholders.pdf (119 KB)

Introducing Scrivener 3.0 (beta!)
With the release of Scrivener 3.0 for Mac, we’re excited to give you a taste of what’s coming for Windows! Our tireless developers have been hard at work for a long while now making the jump from Windows 1.x to 3.0, and although we still have a ways to go, we think you’re going to be impressed.

Scrivener 3.0 has an overhauled UI with fresh icons and modern Windows 10 look and introduces a number of new features including:

  • Freeform corkboard and Arrange by Label view
  • Snapshot manager and snapshot comparison
  • Bookmarks, which replace the 1.x references and allow documents to be viewed and edited directly in the inspector
  • Quick Reference windows and copyholders to open multiple documents
  • Many search improvements, including RegEx
  • Improved importers and exporters
  • A new spell-check dictionary :slight_smile: (We’re now using Hunspell)
  • A styles system
  • Additional custom metadata types
  • And much more…

General Beta-Testing Information
The beta is still very much a work in progress, so though we’re pleased to give you a chance to start poking around and checking out what’s coming, we do not recommend using it for major projects yet. Make regular backups and expect to find bugs!

For those Mac 3.0 users who want to continue working cross-platform, an alternative option is to use File > Export > as Scrivener 2 Project… to create a copy of the project that can be opened and edited in Windows 1.9.7, then upgraded back to 3.0 on Mac.

Reporting Bugs
We appreciate your help improving Scrivener through beta testing. When reporting bugs please:

  1. Report bugs in the Windows Beta Testing forum, so that other users can see what has already been reported. (If you need to send additional information privately, e.g. a copy of a project for testing, you can email it to Please include a link to the forum post that explains the bug.)

  2. Create separate topics for each bug. This will help us track and file the reports and makes it easier for other users to see what bugs have already been reported than a single post with multiple items.

  3. Title the topic as descriptively as possible and include “Bug:” at the start of the title.

  4. Raise issues only once. As best you can, please search the forum before posting to see if someone else has already reported the bug. If you have more information, add it to the existing thread.

  5. Include as much information as you’re able, while keeping the report concise and step-by-step where possible. It is extremely helpful if you are able to reproduce a bug and write out the reproduction steps so the developers can see it themselves. Please try quitting and restarting Scrivener, then attempt to reproduce the bug in a blank project. If you cannot reproduce it in a blank project but can consistently reproduce it in a project containing data, the project data or settings are probably involved in the issue, so we will most likely need to see a copy of the project.

  6. When reporting a bug, please include all the following information:

    *  Beta version number. You can find this at the bottom of the Help > About Scrivener dialog.
  • Windows version

  • For bugs relating to saving issues, permission errors, or potential dataloss please also include:
    [*] Whether you are using a standard or administrator Windows user account

  • Whether the project is saved in a synced location, e.g. a Dropbox folder, OneDrive folder, or a folder that is mirrored to another hard drive

  • Any security or automatic backup software you are running


After you’ve reported the bug, please be patient! We will work through the reports as quickly as possible and ensure all the bugs are logged for the developers. Although we aren’t able to give estimates on when a bug will be fixed, rest assured that if we’ve marked the bug as filed, it is on the developers’ radar.

While we value all feedback and may take it on board for the future, we’re not looking for new feature suggestions during this beta-testing period–our goal right now is to reach parity with the macOS Scrivener 3.0 as much as possible and create a rock-solid app for release.

At present, Scrivener 3 is making use of some older translation files from 1.x. If you’re interested in volunteering to translate the interface for 3.0, please drop us an email at

We have thus far received offers from volunteers to translate to the following languages:

  • Catalan
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Portuguese (European)
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

And Finally…
Thank you! It’s been a long time coming, with a lot more to go, but your enthusiasm and support of Scrivener has been tremendous and motivating through long, hair-tearing hours before a computer screen. We hope you like this first glimpse of Scrivener 3 for Windows!

Beta 2 ( posted.

Changes From Beta 1 to Beta 2

Refinements and Changes

  • Scrivener is now available as either a 64-bit or 32-bit installation.
  • Adjusted the “Shortcut already in use” prompt when creating or redefining a style to appear as soon as the used shortcut is selected, allowing further changes to be made before committing the style settings.
  • The styles panel now has a default shortcut (Ctrl+G, Ctrl+E) to toggle the panel and a dedicated button on the Composition Mode control bar.
  • Added tooltips to the buttons in the Styles Panel.
  • Added “Redefine Style” and “Delete Style” options to the Styles Panel.
  • Applying “No Style” (or “Remove Style”) to unstyled text now restores it to the default formatting.
  • When pasting styled text from one project to another, if the style name in the text matches a style name in the destination project, the text retains the style and is updated to match the destination project’s style formatting.
  • Importing styles from another project now only requires selecting the project’s .scriv folder, rather than drilling down to the project’s styles.xml file. Handling of different styles with identical names has also been improved, though is still in progress.
  • Added the option to “Close Project and Clear Interface Settings”, which appears when opening the File menu while holding the Alt key; this resets the project’s preferences (not global preferences) to defaults.
  • Added an option to adjust the indentation for the binder and outliner. (0 is the default, matching File Explorer’s indentation; setting it to 5px will match the Mac version.)
  • Removed the outdated Search in Synopses feature, which is replaced with Quick Search.
  • Added “Hide Markup” to the available menu items for keyboard shortcuts. [LH2752]
  • Removed duplicate title text from the menu for text icons.
  • Removed the message prompting a relaunch after downloading a new dictionary language, as this is no longer necessary.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing projects to upgrade with an incorrect Navigate > Binder Selection Affects setting (e.g. switched from “Current Editor” to “None”).
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Projects created or updated in Beta 1 may need to have their Binder Selection Affects reset. [LH2741]
  • Fixed a crash when right-clicking in the sample editor of Options > Editing: Formatting. [LH2765]
  • Fixed a crash triggered when viewing a snapshot on a copyholder after having previously viewed a snapshot on the copyholder and closed the copyholder. [LH2768]
  • Fixed a bug whereby the 1.x format ProjectNotes folder was still created in new 3.0 projects and retained in upgraded 1.x projects.
  • Fixed a bug whereby text of Project Notes might be lost when upgrading a project, creating only blank documents in the upgraded project. [LH2758]
  • Fixed a crash trigged by creating a new collection while the title of another collection was in editing mode. [LH2781]
  • Fixed a bug whereby selecting to take a snapshot before rolling back to a previous version produced an error. [LH2782]
  • Fixed a bug whereby setting an empty line to “No Style” did not reset its character attributes to the default formatting.
  • Fixed a bug whereby comparing a snapshot by clause crashed Scrivener if either the current document text or the snapshot contained no punctuation. [LH2757]
  • Fixed a crash caused by selecting Documents > Move To from a Quick Reference window. [LH2785]
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when closing the WordNet dictionary window in Composition Mode. [LH2769]
  • Hopefully fixed a crash on startup that could occur if the Windows text-to-speech engine was missing voices for the current system locale.
  • Fixed a bug whereby folders and document groups outside of the Research folder were not available for selection as the Templates folder unless named “Templates” and did not display properly in the Project Settings of upgraded projects. [LH2533]
  • Fixed a bug whereby the spell check would not recognise contractions. [LH2565]
  • Fixed a bug whereby applying a character style first reset text to the default font attributes, which could lose intentional formatting not affected by the style.
  • Corrected the section headers in the Project Search menu.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Styles Panel could not be opened from a Quick Reference window’s Format menu or format bar styles drop-down.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the last selected style could not be reapplied from the styles panel.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the spelling dialog would flag incorrect ranges of characters as misspelled. [LH2800]
  • Fixed a bug whereby using Find by Formatting to search for styles did not select the correct ranges of text.
  • Fixed several cases where styles were lost when copying and pasting text in notes or copying adjacent paragraphs of different styles.
  • Fixed a bug whereby a character style could not be applied or removed via the Styles Panel when the cursor was at the end of the line.
  • Fixed a bug whereby assigning a paragraph style incorrectly cleared character formatting from text in the paragraph.
  • Fixed a bug whereby removing a character style via the Styles Panel when there was no selection removed the character style from the text rather than simply toggling the style off.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause styles in the text to be misidentified after closing and reopening the project. [LH2787]
  • Fixed some drawing bugs for text decorations such as inline annotation and footnote bubbles, comment boxes, and Preserve Formatting when decorations spanned multiple lines with high line spacing and when scrolling the editor. [LH2255]
  • Fixed a bug whereby importing a Scrivener 3 project only imported the file structure but the documents were blank. We are still working to correct this for importing 1.x projects. [LH1748]
  • Fixed some typos throughout the interface.

Beta 3 ( posted.

Changes From Beta 2 to Beta 3

Refinements and Changes

  • Began implementing Edit > Copy Special > Copy as Markdown (still in progress refining the markdown generated).
  • Refined adding text-based icons to documents, including a new popover window to select emoji.
  • Adjusted the style of the full-width binder labels to match the updated style in 3.0.1 on macOS; labels now show level indentation, as in 1.x. The menu item has been renamed “Show as Background Color in Binder”.
  • Updated methods for customising keyboard shortcuts to work around keybinding differences in various keyboard layouts. Keyboard shortcuts can now be typed directly as text (modifiers must be spelled out, e.g. type ‘c’, ‘t’, ‘r’, ‘l’ to indicate the Control key) or entered as previously by clicking the Record button and then pressing the desired shortcut keys.
  • Removed the Edit > Transformations > Bold and Italics to MultiMarkdown Syntax menu option. This is replaced with the more robust the Edit > Copy Special > Copy as Markdown feature.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug whereby Scrivener 1.x projects imported with blank documents. [LH1748]
  • Fixed a bug whereby the cursor position in a document was not remembered in the editor or notes fields when the document was reloaded. [LH2842]
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when using the name generator to generate more than one last name. [LH2739]
  • Fixed a bug whereby the ? character was lost from documents using Cyrillic text after being edited on iOS or macOS. [LH2242]
  • Fixed a bug whereby triple-clicking to select a paragraph followed by an empty line would also select the carriage return and formatting or style changes could consequently affect the following paragraph.
  • Worked around an old 1.x bug that could cause upgraded projects to initially load the freeform corkboard rather than the standard (linear) corkboard. Containers in upgraded Windows projects will now always open on the standard corkboard but will remember their card positions on the freeform corkboard so that cross-platform users do not lose layouts arranged on the Mac version. [LH2822]
  • Fixed a bug with card timestamps and positions on the freeform corkboard, ensuring compatibility with macOS.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Containers in projects from earlier betas or upgraded 1.x projects may initially open with cards scrolled off the editor. Reducing the card size (thus zooming out the corkboard) via the corkboard options button in the editor footer can simplify dragging the cards back toward the upper left.
  • Fixed a bug whereby closing a copyholder while it had focus did not correctly move focus to its parent editor. [LH2825]
  • Fixed a bug whereby sort options appeared incorrectly for static collections.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the block insertion point width only applied to the document open at the time the option was set. [LH2824]
  • Fixed a bug whereby replacing a misspelled word with the suggested spelling could remove adjacent punctuation. [LH2823]
  • Improved spell check to catch words separated only with invalid punctuation, e.g. “missing.spaces”. [LH1105]
  • Fixed a bug whereby project bookmark titles in the Quick Reference sidebar did not update until being moused over when the title was changed in the editor header. [LH2852]
  • Fixed a bug whereby typing in the Notes while in Scriptwriting Mode caused the script element popup to appear when hitting Enter twice. [LH2843]
  • Changed the General Text (Centered) script element shortcut to ‘e’, fixing a conflict that prevented the ‘c’ shortcut triggering the Character element. [LH2839]
  • Fixed a bug whereby the General Text script element was using the same Alt+ shortcut as the element preceding it.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the “Use Full Width in Binder” setting for viewing labels was not saving between sessions. (This setting has been renamed “Show as Background Color in Binder” in [LH2733]
  • Cleaned up the Default Types by Structure table in the Project Settings, including fixing a bug whereby the root-level items could be deleted. [LH2670]
  • Fixed a bug whereby the default shortcut to toggle the Scratch Pad was not working. [LH2831]
  • Corrected text in the info message when updating a 1.x project containing project notes to indicate the notes have been moved to the binder and added to Project Bookmarks.
  • Fixed capitalisation in the start up wizard.
  • Minor edits to the tutorial.

Beta 4 ( posted.

Changes From Beta 3 to Beta 4

Refinements and Changes

  • Copyholders can now load all document types, not only text.
  • Adjusted placement of the Open > in Copyholder item in the binder context menu, matching macOS.
  • Began implementing the standard document Find for text PDFs. (Previously, PDF searching was handled separately via a “Find…” option from the PDF context menu.)
  • PDF text is now searchable via Project Search.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: To include text of previously imported PDFs in the search, please first run File > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes in the project.
  • Began implementing new text selection method in PDFs. We’re aware selection is not working correctly when Windows display scaling is enabled. [LH2900]
  • Added context menu options to the Styles Panel, including a fast way to assign keyboard shortcuts to styles.
  • The styles panel no longer steals focus, making it easier to apply and remove styles or select styled text without interrupting editing.
  • Tidied the editor zoom menu settings and added the ability to set a custom zoom percentage.
  • Removed “Empty Trash” from the binder context menu except when the Trash is selected, and added the option to permanently delete selected items from the project’s Trash, via the context menu or Edit > Delete when focus is in the binder, corkboard, or outliner.
  • Icons for documents in the Trash folder are now faded slightly, making them easily distinguishable.
  • Began implementation of multiple text selections. (Applying paragraph formatting to multiple discrete selections is only partly implemented, likewise drag and drop of the multiple selection.)
  • Updated how collections are saved in the editor history, ensuring that changes to the collection are reflected when navigating Backward or Forward in Document History.
  • Added a check to help prevent opening a project (.scrivx) file that has been removed from its project folder.
  • Adjusted the text of the beta expiry message to clarify that the beta runs through the date named.
  • Added a horizontal divider below column headers.
  • Edited the tutorial (minor changes).

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Scrivener to hang when pasting styled text between projects.
  • Fixed a bug whereby pasting text containing a paragraph style into a paragraph with a different style replaced the destination paragraph’s style with that of the pasted text.
  • Fixed a bug whereby toggling a character style in text already using a paragraph style dropped the paragraph style’s character formatting from new text.
  • Fixed a bug whereby applying “No Style” to notes text set it to a highlight colour matching the main editor’s background colour.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Select All Style only selected the first instance when selecting character styles.
  • Fixed a bug in composition mode that reset the Styles Panel to the default position and size whenever it was opened via the control bar; the panel’s size and position is also now maintained when entering or exiting composition mode.
  • Fixed a bug with importing styles whereby choosing to add conflicting styles also imported duplicate styles.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the main text formatting wasn’t restored after ending an inline footnote when the project was set to use a different font for inline footnotes.
  • Fixed a bug whereby imported webpages and .html files were not displaying in the editor. [LH2734]
  • Fixed a bug whereby project templates saved from projects with no .scriv extension created incompatible projects that could not open.
  • Fixed a bug whereby internal project bookmarks were lost after syncing with iOS. [LH2862]
  • Fixed a bug whereby documents loaded in the editor when the project opened did not display their comments and footnotes in the inspector until they were reloaded. [LH2861]
  • Fixed a bug whereby an untitled document’s auto-title did not display in the dialog prompting to take a snapshot before rolling back to an earlier version.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the inspector was not updating to display a copyholder’s metadata.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Open in Copyholder did not work when the editor was locked.
  • Fixed a bug causing Zoom In/Out to always apply to the main editor when the copyholder had focus, and fixed the keyboard shortcuts to work from within the copyholder.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the inspector did not update with the copyholder’s metadata when the inspector was locked to the main editor.
  • Fixed a bug whereby loading a snapshot in the copyholder could adjust the width or height of the copyholder.
  • Fixed a bug causing the ruler not to display in copyholders.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the inspector did not update when locked to an editor and the editor’s contents changed without the editor gaining focus.
  • Fixed a bug whereby deleting the last comment or footnote in a document did not clear the content indicator from the comment icon in the inspector header.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the date custom metadata popover displayed an offset time/date if “Ignore time zone changes” was set.
  • Fixed a bug whereby setting “Ignore time zone changes” for date custom metadata reset the user-entered time to GMT.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the current document was not highlighted in the Bookmarks list of the Go To menus.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the binder section highlight displayed only as a small rectangle over the label dot when View > Use Label Color In > Binder was enabled but “Show as Background Color in Binder” was not.
  • Fixed a bug whereby section highlighting did not appear in the binder when Project Settings was opened via the inspector. [LH2916]
  • Fixed a bug whereby loading a webpage in a Quick Reference window added a second footer to the window.
  • Fixed a bug whereby closing the Fonts dialog in Composition Mode (and possibly closing other windows) could cause Scrivener to crash. [LH2924]
  • Fixed a bug in composition mode causing a truncated context menu after switching documents.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the project keywords panel from opening when selected via the inspector ellipsis menu in composition mode or Quick Reference windows.
  • Fixed the zoom keyboard shortcuts not working when a PDF was loaded in the editor.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the zoom percentage displayed in the editor footer did not update correctly when using the Zoom In/Out shortcuts.
  • Fixed a bug whereby script element shortcuts could be triggered whenever a script document was loaded and any menu was open (including in Quick Search). [LH2890]
  • Improved the Select Style functionality when selecting adjacent paragraphs with the same style and when selecting text with no style applied.
  • Fixed a bug whereby some dictionaries (such as Russian) were not loading. [LH2935]
  • Removed the Chinese and Japanese options from the dictionary list, as Hunspell does not natively support these languages. [LH2936]
  • Fixed a bug preventing quotes immediately following a double-hyphen from auto-correcting to the smart quote style when double-hyphens were set to convert to em-dashes. [LH2955]
  • Fixed a bug that reset the composition mode editor zoom to 100% each time you entered composition mode.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the outline text attribute from being properly saved into styles and caused an inconsistent appearance between text with the attribute newly applied and text loaded after closing and reopening the project.
  • Fixed a bug with the Alt+Shift+UpArrow/DownArrow shortcuts (Go To Previous/Next Document) that treated the modifiers individually and caused the document to be opened in the split editor. [LH2645]
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Go To > Previous/Next Document commands remained available when a collection was open but the document in the editor was not included in the collection. (Note, this is not fixed yet for the Previous/Next Document buttons in the editor header.)

Beta 5 ( posted.

Changes From Beta 4 to Beta 5

Refinements and Changes

  • The Qt framework Scrivener uses has been updated to the just-released version 5.11. This should somewhat improve display scaling for users finding the interface much too large (such as several ZenBook users have reported), although the problem is not completely resolved yet. [LH2754]
  • Editing a Scrivenings session is now possible! :slight_smile: [LH2717]
  • Changed the Project Replace defaults so the scope is no longer preset to “Selected Documents Only”. [LH2984]
  • Check for Updates in the beta releases now checks for new betas. The new installers will continue to be posted with full notes here in the forum but may also be available for download from within Scrivener.
  • Changed the default editor formatting to use a 0.25" first-line indent rather than 0.5", matching macOS.
  • Minor UI tweaks throughout.

Bugs Fixed

  • Hopefully fixed the display bug whereby text could temporarily disappear from the editor until the editor was resized or the text edited. [LH2417]
  • Fixed a bug whereby removing styles from a selection within a paragraph could also delete linked and inline notations included in the selection.
  • Fixed a bug whereby removing inline footnote formatting stripped formatting and images from the footnote text.
  • Fixed a bug whereby formatting applied to styled text could be overridden incorrectly when updating the style.
  • Refined removing styles, ensuring character formatting is properly reset when part of a cleared style.
  • Improved cleaning up style formatting before applying a new style to selected text.
  • Fixed a bug whereby replacing styles with the same name when importing styles did not properly update the formatting of text already using that style.
  • Fixed a bug whereby redefining a character style did not correctly update the formatting of text with the style already applied.
  • Fixed a bug that set the text of a binder items to a contrast colour based on the item’s label when View > Use Label Color In > Binder was enabled but Show as Background Color in Binder was not. [LH2599]
  • Adjusted the contrast settings in the binder to prevent the text colour switching unnecessarily when an item was selected. [LH2989]
  • Fixed a bug whereby title text did not change to a contrast colour when the binder or outliner was set to a dark background colour. [LH2746]
  • Fixed a bug that applied a paragraph’s character and font style attributes to rich text pasted into the paragraph.
  • Fixed a bug whereby choosing “Select All Text with Paragraph/Character Style” from the Style panel’s context menu did not clear the existing selection if it did not match the selected style.
  • Fixed a bug that applied the source text’s paragraph style to the destination paragraph when pasting styled text into an unstyled paragraph.
  • Improved pasting styled text between projects, including the default option to update formatting to match the destination project’s style of the same name. (This can be disabled in Files > Options > Sharing.)
  • Fixed a bug that could assign an empty character style to text with only a paragraph style.
  • Fixed a bug causing paragraph formatting not to update properly in redefined styles.
  • Fixed a bug that showed project notes when loading a special folder (Draft, Research, or Trash), though these items cannot have notes of their own. The inspector now correctly displays only the project bookmarks for these items. [LH2845]
  • Fixed a bug that caused the inspector view to switch from document to project bookmarks after loading the Draft, Research, or Trash folder. [LH2846]
  • Fixed a bug that excluded the Research and Draft folders from selection as the default bookmarks folder if they did not have subdocuments.
  • Fixed a bug whereby a document’s word and character count initially appeared as zero when entering Composition Mode. [LH2982]
  • Fixed a bug whereby changing documents in Composition Mode using the Go To menu caused temporarily changed the display colour of the text to black. [LH2748]
  • Fixed a bug that caused the inspector to reset from project bookmarks to document bookmarks after closing and reopening a project.
  • Corrected the title numbering format for duplicated items. [LH3002]
  • Fixed a bug whereby the icon manager always remained visible when open, even if the project window was hidden. [LH3003]
  • Fixed a bug whereby paragraph formatting did not correctly apply to a multiple text selection made via Select All Style or Select Similar Formatting.
  • Fixed the alternate row colours in search collections, which were always using a light grey instead of shading the background colour. [LH663]
  • Fixed a bug whereby the current document indicator in the binder incorrectly highlighted items selected on the corkboard or outliner rather than the loaded container.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the custom editor zoom could not be set below 100%. The minimum is now 25%. [LH3032]
  • Fixed a bug whereby projects with many identically-named images (such as those pasted from the clipboard) failed to compile to ebook formats because the auto-generated unique names grew too long.
  • Hopefully worked around an issue that could prevent Scrivener from loading if an installed font crashed the font parser. If this happens, Scrivener will skip the font on subsequent launches, with an initial message to the user.
  • Fixed a minor UI bug whereby the checkmark for “No Style” did not appear in the dropdown menu from the format bar until a style had been applied within the project.
  • Fixed a UI bug causing the checkmark to overlap the “No Style” text in the styles dropdown menu from the format bar.
  • Corrected a typo in the Delete Style dialog.
  • Minor edits to the message text when running the 32-bit installer on a 64-bit system.

Beta 6 ( posted.

Changes From Beta 5 to Beta 6

  • Fixed a crash introduced in the previous beta related to switching the editor out of Scrivenings view [LH3034].

Beta 7 ( posted.

Changes From Beta 6 to Beta 7

Refinements and Changes

  • “Ignore Spelling” is now project specific and persistent through closing and reopening Scrivener. Ignored words are saved in the list at %LOCALAPPDATA%\LiteratureAndLatte\Scrivener\wordlists.ini and can currently be removed by editing the file in a plain-text editor when Scrivener is closed.
  • Removed the option to use a paragraph style as part of the default text formatting, as this was antithetical to how styles in Scrivener work: styles are intended to be used only for sections of text that differ from the bulk of the body text.
  • Removed the extra “Compile Success” confirmation dialog. Scrivener now returns automatically to the main project window after a successful compile without requiring additional input. [LH3087]
  • When a project search term appears in an inspector comment or footnote, its anchor text is now highlighted in the editor.
  • Added a context menu to the project keywords to add or remove keywords from selected documents.
  • Increased the default inspector width.
  • Moved the current line highlighting option to Options > Appearance > Main Editor.
  • Improved the method of detecting problematic fonts causing Scrivener to crash on launch to speed up load times.
  • Updated the Hunspell libraries used for spell check.
  • Added a check to prevent saving or opening projects within Scrivener’s installation folder.
  • Scrivener now defaults to displaying the user manual in Letter or A4 size based on the interface language set in Options.

Bugs Fixed

  • Worked around a Qt bug that zipped backups with incorrect permissions, preventing them from opening properly on macOS. [LH3038]
  • Fixed a bug whereby styles were lost when copying from or rolling back a snapshot.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when setting bold, italic, or underline formatting in a blank document while Highlight Current Line was enabled. [LH3059]
  • Fixed a bug causing the current line highlight in the editor to disappear when the insertion point moved. [LH3060]
  • Fixed a bug causing cards to be misplaced if dropped on the label view corkboard while the editor was scrolled. [LH3085]
  • Fixed a bug whereby words added to the custom dictionary remained underlined until the editor was refreshed and were not remembered when Scrivener was closed and reopened. [LH2738]
  • Fixed an issue whereby the \Mobile folder structure within a project might not be properly deleted after syncing iOS changes to Windows if Dropbox had created hidden files within the folder, resulting in changes being lost when syncing back to iOS. [LH2724]
  • Fixed a bug whereby removing all tab stops in the Tabs and Indents settings caused Scrivener to crash. [LH3052]
  • Fixed a bug whereby tab stops were not added at the set interval in the Tabs and Indents dialog. [LH3055]
  • Fixed a bug whereby Enter did not create a new line in the synopsis in composition mode or Quick Reference windows if “Return ends editing synopsis in corkboard and outliner views” was enabled in Options.
  • Fixed a bug causing the New Project window to always open on the primary monitor rather than on the monitor with the current project window.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the initial text of a document displayed redundantly as the auto-synopsis in the inspector; the auto-synopsis is only used on the corkboard and outliner.
  • Fixed a bug whereby a card’s auto-synopsis was not updated on the corkboard when text was removed from the document. [LH3053]
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the main toolbar to be dragged to another area of the project window.
  • Fixed the current line highlight in the editor to apply to the main editor splits, copyholders, Quick Reference windows, and the composition mode editor.
  • Fixed a bug whereby using Select All on the corkboard displayed an incorrect selection count in the footer. [LH3096]
  • Further internal clean-up to remove invalid styles and references, for instance in imported documents.
  • Fixed a bug whereby applying the Outline formatting to text already outlined could cause the text to turn transparent. [LH3037]
  • Hopefully fixed an issue with translations which could clear default shortcuts when setting Scrivener to a different language. Default shortcuts should all be retained and automatically translated. [LH3036]
  • Edit > Move > Sort is now simply Edit > Sort.
  • Fixed a bug preventing setting a custom zoom level below 100% from the View > Zoom menu or in Composition mode. [LH3032]
  • Fixed a bug in Page View mode that turned the page background dark grey. [LH2586]
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading a project with certain UI configurations using the outliner group view mode.
  • Fixed a typo in the copyholder button hover text. [LH3075]

Known Issues
We are still implementing features and ironing out bugs, so you should expect to find things that aren’t working quite as intended. A few issues to be aware of in the current beta:

  • The editor zoom is applying separately to single text documents and Scrivenings mode, although the footer will remain displaying the last set zoom.
  • Rearranging custom metadata fields in Project Settings when some are set to display as columns in the Outliner can affect which columns are shown.
  • Page View is only partially implemented and not recommended for use. Documents that are loaded in Page View continue to load with a Page-View appearance in Wrap to Editor mode unless they are loaded in the editor when toggling off Page View. (To fix this for a document, toggle View > Text Editing > Page View back on and then off again while the document is open in the focussed editor.)
  • A writing-direction flag appears on the cursor within any paragraph containing auto-corrected characters. (This is a bug in the Qt upgrade’s increased bi-directional support for which we have not yet found a workaround.)
  • Titles are not editable in the editor header while in Scrivenings mode. They can however be updated in the inspector, binder, or, if View > Text Editing > Show Titles in Scrivenings is enabled, directly in the editor and the change will be reflected in the header.
  • “View page source” on imported webpages is not working with the current Qt version.
  • Though we have the interface set up for the new compiler, it is not yet fully functional.
  • Project templates have not yet been updated for 3.0, so are not taking advantage of new features and may have some outdated content.

Beta 11, version has been posted. If you downloaded β9 or earlier, you are strongly advised to update it to β11.

Beta 18, version has been posted.

Beta 19, version has been posted.

Beta 22, version RC2 has been posted.

Beta 24, version, has been posted.

Beta 26, version, has been posted.

Beta 27, version, has been posted.

Beta 28, version, has been posted.

Beta 29, version, has been posted.

Beta 30, version, has been posted.

Beta 34, version, has been posted.

RC 9 version has been posted.