Import/ Sync with DayOne

For traveling I am using DayOne to make notes and - home again - I would like either to import and/or sync my notes with my master Scrivener file. As both tools don’t speak to each other and don’t have a native sync I have tried a couple of things

a) Convert the DayOne Journal (exported before as file) into a single file which I can import manually in Scrivener. Somehow cumbersome as I either have to delete the entries in DayOne afterwards or filter the single file before I import it into Scrivener

b) Export Scrivener notes and import notes into DayOne. As I use keywords heavily in Scrivener to tag my notes and haven’t found any solution to export a note with keywords (except Outline/CSV export which doesn’t export notes text) I would loose all my tags

Is there any way how to
a) Sync Scrivener with DayOne?
b) Export Scrivener notes including keywords?
c) Import easily DayOne notes into scrivener

Thanks for any hint and for pointing me into the right direction.