Import textfiles

Hi all, after a hiatus I wanted to check my manuscript, only to find out it has somehow disappeared (probably slipped through the cracks of back-ups whilst switching to a new device). Gladly I was able to find the text-files again (I lost a few notes, but not too much). However, I don’t have a Scrivener-project for those files - and I have almost 80 files that belong to this particular project. So I was wondering if there is any way to import all those files into one new project, and if possible, to submit them all to one predefined layout.

I hope anyone can help me out and save me from a lot of time-consuming work.

If you have the text files, I’m surprised you don’t have the project. Use Finder to search for .scriv files.

In any case, the File -> Import -> Files command will re-import them to a new project. The Documents -> Convert -> Formatting to Default Text Style command will normalize the formatting to whatever you’ve defined as the project default.


Thanks, that was of great help. It’s back on Scrivener now!

I still don’t know how I managed to lose the file but not the texts.