"Import Web Page" doesn't like HTTPS?

For Scrivener for Windows, Windows 7 fully updated.

In any Project’s Research folder, I am able to right-click —> Add —> Web Page —> Dynamic Web (Embedded Browser) for HTTP but not HTTPS pages.

  1. I can use a browser to view a page as HTTPS. No problem — the page is readily viewable via HTTPS.

  2. I then copy-and-paste the URL of that HTTPS page into Scrivener’s Import Web Page dialog. Scrivenver begins the import operation, the progress bar reaches approximately 10-percent, then “hangs” at that value. I give up waiting after 40-seconds or so. (Sometimes getting out of this situation requires me to use the Task Manager to forcibly close Scrivener.)

  3. I then repeat the import operation but change the HTTPS part of the URL to HTTP. Scrivener imports the page straight away, usually in about 10-12 seconds.

Is this a known issue? I searched the User Manual and this forum for HTTPS but came up empty.

I notice that in the Import Web Page dialog, by default the Address text entry area contains http://. Is that a hint I’m failing to take?

Or are there some system or Scrivener settings I should check?


Cheers & thanks,