Import web page missing options to select formats & not possible to edit imported web page

The import/add web page feature doesn’t’ show the options to select import formats (text, mht) as mentioned in manual.
This wouldn’t a major problem if it was possible to edit the imported web page. It should be possible to edit the imported page, to tidy things up, removing unnecessary stuff, ads etc.

The workaround to copy/paste the contents of a web page into a document doesn’t work either, since it seems there’s some kind of limitation in clipboard size. I can successfully copy/paste a smaller part of a web page, but trying to copy a larger/complete page just results in pasting the first couple of lines. It’s possible to copy/paste the web page in several chunks, but that’s not a viable workaround.


You are looking at the older version of the manual. If you choose the new manual (FileNew Project…) to bring up the Project Templates dialog while working in Scrivener Beta 3 RC8, and click on the Scrivener Manual, it will open the PDF manual up. Search for File Import or go to section 9.1 to see the latest:
Annotation 2020-07-19 153450.png
You can also find the information in the Interactive Tutorial (search for “File Import”). Or directly here: Annotation 2020-07-19 154250.png

It should be noted that FileImportWeb Page… is only active when you are in the Research Folder

Imported web pages are not editable (nor is the link) and save only what is local to the page (text and some images). Ads will not import, nor will style sheets (some css) and other web-based stuff. It is pretty basic what gets imported. However, the imported link is shown at the bottom middle of the imported page so that you could click on it and open it up in a browser.

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