Import Word 97-2003 Doc Not working

I tried dragging a MS Word doc saved in the old .doc format to the Research Binder, and all that imported was the document title, no text. I tried several different documents all with the same problem. I even tried it in a different project, but it is still happening.

Then I tried File --> Import --> File to see if it was a dysfunction of the “drag-n-drop” but, no, only the document title imported.

Using 023, Win 7 (64 bit).


I’ve had exactly this problem–can’t Import or drag-and-drop any .doc files into Scrivener. On either of the two computers that are running it. I’ve reported this issue before. It seems to be pretty inconsistent, as some folks report no problem with .doc imports.

I have the same problem, Word documents are not imported in Scrivener.

When will be this bug correct ?


Hi all,

This is on Lee’s list, although he’s understandably busy right now trying to track down and fix the bug some people are having with work not being saved properly. In the meantime, you should be able to import successfully by saving as a .rtf instead of .doc (which you can do from Word) and importing that. Sorry for the inconvenience!

MM has an excellent point: getting the Save bug sorted is absolutely the priority.

I’ve been importing things into Scrivener for Windows in .rtf format all along, with no problems. It would be nice not to have to resave .doc files in .rtf to get them into Scrivener, but that’s pretty small potatoes.

A couple questions on this one, if it’s all right that I’m digging this up:

  1. Is Word installed on the computer, and if so what version?

  2. When the document imports into Scrivener with just the title, when you load the document do you get a blank document in the editor that you can type in, etc. or is the editor area gray and have the title of the document in the center of it? (Also–okay, this is 2.5–does the imported document have an icon in the binder?)

It’s possible to import .doc without it being converted, so Scrivener deals with it like an unsupported file and the text content won’t be viewable in the editor, just the title, but it would look different from a regular blank document, as described above. So I just want to clarify which you’re seeing, as Lee continues sorting through these issues. Thanks!

  1. Word is installed on the computer.

  2. editor area is gray and have the title of the document in the center of it. I am not able to edit it.

2.5 :slight_smile: There is no icon, either.

Thanks for following up!! And I still love Scriv so very much anyway.