Import Word Auto-Correct File into Scrivener

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One suggestion–made before, but not in these exact terms, at least tmk.

Though of course you can get the OS Text feature to auto-correct words, there is currently no way to import your Word Autocorrect file into the System Preferences, so that Text can apply them across platforms. I’ve posted that on the Apple page, but I suspect it is more likely that Scrivener will listen first than the Behemoth.

So if you could find a way to import entries into your own substitution process, that would be a huge timesaver–I have a huge number of autocorrects, and I use tons every day in my writing,


Unfortunately, because Auto-Correct is a macOS feature rather than a Scrivener-specific feature, there would be no way for us to add this on our end - this would need to come from Apple. Apple doesn’t provide any public API for us to add to the auto-correct list in our own code.

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+1 to this.

I am on my 12.9” iPad Pro 99% of the time. I’ve literally wore out four Apple smart keyboards now because I type so much. It got to where they weren’t responding and I had literally worn off all the letters and this is fabric and I’m not hard. I just type thousands of words a day for my job and use my iPad almost exclusively.

RE: Scrivener - I use iOS’ “Text Repacement” feature which works across applications.
I find that I have to deliberately delay any text that I type that I know in in iOS Text Replacement. If I type fast Scrivener is not able to keep up with this iOS feature and it is very frustrating.

Also, when I am typing one of these Text Replacement items and I don’t have a space in front of it, it also does not work. So I have to deliberately make a space in front of something if I need to insert text, otherwise it does not autocorrect or whatever wording you want to use. I consider this a bug and will report it there too.