Import Word document tracked changes


I received a marked-up Word document (docx) from a beta reader, containing inline comments and tracked changes. My goal was to import to Scrivener and view split screen alongside the manuscript. After importing I see the comments in red, but it does not highlight the tracked changes.

I found the input conversion options under Options->Sharing->Conversion and tried both Aspose and Microsoft Office (2007-2016) converters. But both did the same.

Is this expected behaviour?


Track changes is unique to the Word document format, and is not something supported by Scrivener. If you want to see the differences in the body text, the only way to do that is to have a “before” document in your project + a snapshot of it. Then accept all changes in Word and copy/paste all the text from Word into the same document in Scrivener, replacing its text. Then you can use the snapshot compare view in the inspector to review changes to the document.

Some people find it well worth continuing to do this sort of thing in Scrivener as they get feedback from beta readers and/or editors, while others just move on to Word after the first draft that they share for feedback.

Thanks for the info. I tried another approach - increased the font-size in the Word document, printed to PDF then imported into Scrivener - the PDF contains both the comments and tracked changes. Shame that Scrivener can’t handle tracked changes, but this works for me.