Import WORD .docx WITH styles

I 'm new to this forum, but I have been using Scrivener for quite a while.

Currently I have the following problem:
I have texts written in MS WORD 16 and saved as .docx. These texts contain numerous paragraph formats like “H1-blue” and character formats “icon-green”.
When I import such a .docx into Scrivener 3.1.5, I see that my headings are blue, but all lines and characters are displayed as “no style”, so this information is lost.

Q: Is there a way to import styles from WORD into Scrivener?

Friendly greetings

You’ll need to import the styles into Scrivener first. Go to Format>Style>Import Styles… and select your Word document.

Then import the file and you should see all the styles retained.

Hi RobG,

thanks for the tip. It works and saves me a lot of time.

Have a nice weekend, “draupnir-DE”