Imported korean text files(UTF-16) were broken

Hello, I’m DJ.HAN
Toaday, I purchased scrivener. It was great tool.

I found one problem. scrivener can’t import correctly korean text files encoded in UTF-16. Whole imported character was broken.
But scrivener can import perfectly korean text files encoded in UTF-8. It’s curious sympton.
I believe you can add support for UTF-16 in next version.

Anyway, Thanks for great product. Thanks, Good Luck!

The reason it works (or doesn’t work) the way it does, is because the process of detecting which encoding an incoming file is, is actually pretty complicated. Even dedicated text editors like BBEdit and TextMate get it wrong a lot of the time. The next problem is which to support? There are hundreds of encodings out there. Fortunately Unicode is putting a dent in their future proliferation, but still – a lot of existing files in diverse formats. Keep in mind, you want UTF16, but another person might want something else entirely, such as MacRoman, or Windows Latin1.

In any case, even if all of the encodings were fully supported, the actual import process would have to be fully manual because of the complexities of automatic detection. While dropping one file in that you know is of a certain encoding is one thing, what about files you have no clue about, or what if you drop several hundred files of diverse, unknown encodings?

So the decision was made to just support the Mac standard, UTF8. Conversion to UTF8 using a tool designed for such a task is the recommended way to go about it.


On [color=black]Chinese-Tools, there is a collection of tools to work with asian characters, and one which will translate every [color=black]chinese characters in their Html Unicode: … icode.html
Hope it’ll help…