Imported Project Notes from Mac (023)

Not sure if this is a bug or merely an interim prior to full compatibility with the mac version, but:

On importing a Mac 2 project only the first page of Project Notes are available in the Inspector.

To tell the truth, I was pleasantly surprised to find the any of the Project Notes as I thought they were Mac 2 only.

Anyway, it’ll be nice when they are all read by WinScriv.


Hi Bart,

Windows does have project notes, just not the multiple “pages” or “notepads” as in Mac 2.0. Going from Mac to Windows, the notes are all saved, so going back to the Mac you shouldn’t lose anything. It’s in the feature list to add a way to view the notes in Windows–you won’t be able to create new notepads yet, but you’ll be able to work with the ones you’ve already created. (Eventually of course Windows will catch up and you’ll be able to create multiple notepads for the project notes there as well.)

Thanks for the reply.
Should I delete this thread as it’s not really a bug (if that is possible)?

Nah, we’ll leave it and I’ll move it from the bug hunt. :wink: Someone else might find it useful.