Imported webpage of Google Doc is unreadable

This was a general support request but now I see it’s a bug. It’s listed here. . Briefly, I imported the URL into Scrivener of a Google Doc; I’ve done this many times before successfully, although there is a usual initial mess and a popup box that says “reload” which, when clicked, loads it fine and I can edit the Google Doc within Scrivener (I can also dismiss the banner that says this - i.e., Scrivener - is not a supported browser). But now, when I import the URL of a Google Doc into Scrivener (same Google account) the usual mess and popup box happens so fast and then shows a blank page; when I try to type something in the page I get the “boing” sound for an error. There is no way to “reload” the page. If I’m really, really, really fast I can hit the reload button in the usual, initial mess of the load and then it works fine, so the process seems to be working, really quickly, until the Reload box pops up and then it is replaced almost immediately by a blank page. But it takes me memorising where the Reload button appears on the screen and getting to it fast enough - maybe one in ten times. My existing imported Google Docs still work fine: I get the initial mess, the Reload popup box appears, and I can click it at my leisure, then the page loads normally and I can edit. Importing other webpages works fine. So, it is only with newly imported Google Docs. It works intermittently using the following workaround: I have to be logged into my Google account in Safari in order for Scrivener to be able to read an imported Google Doc as a webpage (and to continue to read it). When I logged out from Google Docs in Safari (even though Safari has kept my login details) and imported a second document as a webpage from Google Docs, it stopped working again but — strangely — the original import continued to work, just like my previous imports did. I think this behaviour occurs because Scrivener uses a simulacrum of Safari as its browser. This is a bit of a pain as I use Chrome for accessing my work-related Google account and my Safari for personal Google account and my texts are work-related.