Importing a compile format from the Mac?

I have a pair of compile formats on my Mac that I would like to have available on iOS; however, the Mac exports .scrformat files, and iOS expects .scomp files.

While I recognize I could probably recreate my .scrformat files (as the formats are pretty simple), is there any way to automate this process?

We don’t have any kind of conversion utility or export feature that would help you out here. I don’t think it would be possible to directly and automatically convert a full Format to .scomp format. The way the two compilers work internally is quite different.

On the Mac, a Format has generic Section Layouts that can be assigned to types of items in the binder on the fly. A .scomp file on the other hand has no such thing, there are no layouts, no types in the project to work with—the only mechanisms for defining structure adhere to an indent level based file/folder/file-group scheme. It works rather more like Scrivener 2 did, where the compile format itself says that the project it is compiling for should have level 1 folders treated as parts, level 2 as chapters, and so forth.

This is one of the things that confuses and frustrates me when moving between the iOS and desktop version of Scrivener. I have compiled on both platforms, and the layout of the Scrivener project needed to be different depending on what I was compiling on. But the biggest omition I have found missing from the iOS compile I would say is ePub.

Well, it is worth considering that the iOS version came out well before version 3, and the Windows version still works the same way the iOS version does. Who’s to say if some day some philosophical parity might not be established between all three, but for now it wouldn’t really make much sense to have a .scomp file exporter from the Mac side.

It’s not really an omission if you consider the intention of the iOS compiler is to provide a basic proofing level output for those times when you need something on the go, and that’s it.

The largest thing missing for myself is any kind of MultiMarkdown or Pandoc based workflow. Therein lies the problem however. :slight_smile: Everyone is going to have some different thing that they consider to be an omission.

At any rate, this seems to be veering off into another topic entirely. Exporting a .scomp file isn’t going to make an ePub export infrastructure happen.