importing a dictionary


I’d like to import a dictionary that accepts both forms of words ending in -ise or -ize. The current dictionary I use is British English and it marks words like ‘factorize’ as wrong. If I switch to American English it will accept -ize endings but mark words like ‘colour’ as wrong. Is there any dictionary I can download and install that tolerates both? Apparently the Oxford English Dictionary does ( … ization.29)

Scrivener currently uses the Aspell dictionaries for Windows; the available dictionaries can be downloaded via Tools > Options > Corrections or manually from here. (EDIT: I made a foolish remark about a Canadian dictionary as a possibility, but SarsenLintel pointed out my mistake.)

You could also try editing the Aspell dictionary or adding words to your personal word list (i.e. what happens when you choose “Learn Spelling”, but you could add them in bulk). See these posts for reference and further links.

Just to point out, -ise is not considered correct in Canadian English.

So although we do use -our endings like UK English and -ize like US English, I’m afraid Can English likely won’t help if the OP wants both -ise and -ize. IIRC, in the Mac section that poster wanted to switch from -ise to -ize (or perhaps I misread).

Having said that, every Can English dictionary seems to be different - I just tested a couple of words and while MacScriv and Firefox both rejected all the -ise endings, Word allowed it. Unfortunately A quick test in WinScriv showed it didn’t like -ise either.

Meanwhile, this page: seems to imply that there is at least one variant of GB_EN dictionary that has both -ise and -ize:

Unfortunately the link to that one seems to be dead, maybe the forked one will work?

Oh snap, I was misremembering; yes, the thread I was thinking of was about using British spellings but using -ize instead of -ise. So no, that won’t help. Edited the first post to correct my mistake. Thanks!