importing a web page

Every time I try to import a Web page, I either get a message that Scrivener is having trouble, do I want it to just do what it can or – it DOES it, but it takes a really long time (more than 5 mins). Any advice? I’ve tried choosing just text, or just HTML - what is the best to choose for a quick import? thanks Amy

Well the quickest will be the Dynamic Web option, but as you may know that doesn’t actually import the web page’s text and resources into the project for archival, it works more like a bookmark and will go out to the web each time you click on it. But, since all it is saving into the project is a bookmark, the actual import phase should be instantaneous. I’m not sure what is wrong though, one thing you could try, if saving the pictures are not important, is saving the page from your browser as an HTML file and then importing that. Since this is a file-based process the Web isn’t used for anything.

Otherwise, I don’t believe any of the other options have significant speed differences, unless the plain-text option doesn’t download images in the first place. Whatever you are describing sounds way beyond the normal range of variance in methods, though, so I wouldn’t worry about settings. Do you work behind a firewall or proxy?