¿Importing collections from another project?

Hello everyone in the forum,

I was wondering if it is possible to import the collections I have from an old project into a new one, as the search for redundancies and “avoidable” words will be similar.

Best regards.

I don’t think you can… but you could create a project template with those saved searches, and then create new projects based on that. I’d start with your old project, use “Save As” to create a copy, and then remove everything that you don’t want in other projects. Then use File->Save As Template, and that template will be added to the template chooser window (the window which pops up from File->New Project).

Yes, the project template feature is meant to be a tool for establishing a starting point in your new projects. If there are saved search collections that you repeatedly create, for instance, then creating a new blank template with your settings is the way to go. This will also save your viewing preferences, such as columns in the outliner, whether to show pins on cards, line numbering in the editor and so forth. Just about anything you can do with a project can be saved into a template, all the way down to content in the binder.