Importing Custom Compile Formats into windows version

Hello Guys n Gals,

How does one import custom compile formats into the windows version?

I’m a mac user and (after going through Ed Ditto’s book) have some rather neat ones that I’d like to pass over to a colleague in another office who is working on the same series of books. But they use windows and neither of use can find out how to import my custom compile formats to their system.

I’d be grateful for some help on this is you have a moment or two free.

Have a super day,


You can import compile settings on Windows via the “Load Presets” button in the expanded Compile dialog. Mac and Windows don’t use the same compile file formats currently, however, so your Windows colleagues won’t be able to load your presets. We’re looking to address this in a future version of Scrivener, when the two platforms have comparable compile options, but for now to share your settings you’ll need to take a more manual approach of just detailing how the options should be set so the Windows users can recreate the preset.

Thank you Jennifer, Your help is very much appreciated :slight_smile: