Importing data from a spreadsheet

I have some data in a spreadsheet (Excel, but could become .csv etc).

I’d like to import this to Scrivener so that
a) each line is a separate document, and…
b) column 1 becomes the Title, column 2 becomes the Synopsis, and columns 3 and 4 become custom meta-data.

Is there any way to achieve all or part of this?

…I can create separate documents using Import and Split, but what about putting data into the Synopnsis and Title fields?

I can’t think of anything automatic for that, but do note there are commands for taking text in the editor and setting the document title to that selection, and likewise for synopsis. So it would take a little work, but you could select the title line, use F2 to set the title, delete the text, then select what should be the synopsis and click the button in the upper-right of the Inspector index card to set the Synopsis to the selection, delete, and continue.

Consequently it might be easier to reformat that tabular data into a linear sequence, like:

Bulk Text

Bulk Text


Then just split by the dashes and go from there. In fact, if you set things up that way, you can skip the title step since the first line after a split point becomes the title. And another trick is that the index card button I referred to will only use the first line, so if you delete the title line, then click the button, so long as your synopses aren’t multi-line you’re pretty much done.

Thanks :slight_smile: