importing epub or mobi

I’m switching from another eBook editor.

I’ve tried everything I could thing of, but can’t get my eBook transferred into Scrivener.

Is it even possible to import an epub or mobi file?

Scrivener can create ePub and (via integration with KindleGen) Mobi files, but it cannot view them. I recommend Calibre. It’s a nice library management tool in general for e-books.

[size=150]Are you saying that Calibre can convert my epub or mobi eBook into some format that Scrivener can accept? What format might that be?

I’m just trying to switch to Scrivener without having to redo all the formatting.[/size]

Yes, use Calibre to convert the book to RTF, and then drop that into your project Binder.

Conversion will not be perfect because e-book formats are not designed to relay formatting perfectly. Only formats like PostScript, DVI and PDF are designed to flawlessly relay formatting from one machine to another. E-books, on the other hand, are intentionally designed to not carry too many formatting declarations around. They change shape depending on what reader you open them on (or the converter you use to turn them into word processor files).