Importing existing projects [BUG LOGGED]

I imported an existing project into the Windows version and it came through wonderfully with (at first glance) only a few strange non-printable characters in the synopses and one incidence of that already logged bug with the strange little numbers in the left margin.

One thing I did notice subsequently though, is that any documents which contained links to Internet URLs were imported, but missing the links (they were simply removed altogether from the text).

Seeing Scriv running on Windows, even in beta, is very cool! I’m sure by the time the first full release comes out it’ll raise the bar for Windows writing software in general. I’ve got a couple of Windows-using friends converted already - they’ve been drooling over the Mac version for ages, so to see it available for Windows is quite something for all concerned :slight_smile:

Well done Lee, you’re doing great work!


Eddy, you’re too kind. Thanks, although I feel like I’ve been flogged today with the sheer number of bugs and interest. I have not been able to keep up.

This sounds like a rich text parser issue which we’ll need to fix as it should work. We’ve had to create our own parser from scratch so I was expecting lots of little things like this to pop up.

Thanks for taking the time to report it.