Importing .FDR or .FDX files

Hi, I’m totally new to this so if this is an abundant question please tell me, but how can I import my already existing .FDR or .FDX files into Scrivener? Or is that imposible and do I have to save my .FDR files as .RTF before importing is posible?

This will give me a lot of extra work and thus make scrivener not the best option for continued working on existing projects.



I’m afraid there’s no way of doing this just yet - for now you will need to save your Final Draft files as RTF files, as you say. This is on the list for one of the earliest additions after 1.0 is out, though - or rather, FDX import and export is. We won’t be able to support FDR because Final Draft own the specs and we don’t have access to them; the folks at Final Draft have been kind enough to provide us with the FDX specs though and have given us permission to support that format. So, although this won’t be in the initial release, FDX support will be coming in a free update a bit further down the line.

All the best,