Importing FINAL DRAFT screenplay

I know this has been covered, because I read it weeks ago, but now that I need to do it, I cannot find the answer again! So sorry to ask what has already be asked, but…

I have Final Draft for writing screenplays. What is the best way to import a screenplay so I may finish writing the screenplay in Scrivener?

(I want to use Scrivener to see if I can put all my research text, character profiles, etc. into one file alongside my screenplay.)

I have tried to export my screenplay FROM FD as RTF and import INTO Scrivener, but it comes in as GENERAL TEXT, and CENTERED.

I don’t want to have to un-center everything, and reformat each line of text.

What are my options?


Use the Final Draft screenwriting template in Scrivener (from Text > Scriptwriting). You need to have imported the Extras that come with Scrivener for that to be available. That should make the RTF that you import recognisable by Scrivener. Otherwise, you can just set up the screenwriting settings (Text > Scriptwriting > Script Settings) to match the imported RTF formatting.

The next update can import from Final Draft much more easily, using Final Draft’s FCF format, but that won’t be out until the end of the summer, I’m afraid.

All the best,