Importing Fountain File

Whenever I import a Fountain file (*.fountain) into Scrivener, it doesn’t seem to format things correctly. Everything is formatted as action instead of showing up as the different script elements. For instance, my fountain file will be written as

but the imported file in Scrivener will be formatted as action and look like this:


I was hoping it would look like this:

character dialogue.png

Am I not importing the Fountain file in the right way? I am using File > Import > Plain Text Formatted Screenplay. What is the proper way to import a Fountain file so it will be formatted in Scrivener’s screenplay format?

Thanks. I’ve gone through the forums but have been able to find an answer to this question. I appreciate any help you can give me.

I don’t know any way to force the restyling on Scrivener import.

Fountain syntax doesn’t seem to provide for a centered, capped character tag.
But it does say that you may create centered elements with > < marks
So you might experiment with that a bit.

As you doubtless know, in Scrivener you may correct the lines by selecting them
And then the command Format / Scriptwriting / Change Element To / Character
Or just using the keyboard command for Character

Good luck!

Plain Text Formatted Screenplay is something entirely different than Fountain. It is also a plain-text format, but it is not the same thing so trying to use that tool to import a Fountain file will not produce the results you desire.

The easiest way to import a Fountain file is like any other type of file, just drag and drop it into the Binder somewhere. Make sure it has a “.fountain” extension. The second method will, as with FDX files, offer to break up the import by scene. Use the standard File/Import/Import & Split... tool for that.