importing from evernote

New to forum: I am preparing to write my dissertation, and have decided to work in scrivener. The next step for me is to organize my notes from the lit review, which I would like to do in the “research” section.

I have gathered articles, materials, images in evernote, and am now trying to import into scrivener.

I have used the search feature, and followed best I can the discussion about converting to HTML, but I am looking for the progression of steps to do so in the most efficient manner.

Is there, or what is, the best way to move data and materials from evernote into scrivener? Are there a series of steps?

While I am still finding my way in scrivener, my preference would be to house both my writing and research there. The plan is to gather in evernote, and once sorted, move to scrivener.

Found this: is it good advice

Since it sounds like Evernote has bulk HTML export, your best bet for getting all of that into Scrivener will be to visit the Import/Export preferences pane, and in the Import tab, HTML section, set “Convert HTML files to:” Text. This will convert the formatting to RTF and generate the documents as normal files in the Scrivener binder, rather than importing them all as static archival documents in the original HTML format.

That’s really all you’d need to do. I don’t know what Evernote’s output looks like, but if it organised into folders based upon your internal organisation within Evernote, then you could just drop all of these folders into the Binder and in a few seconds you’d be ready to start work. But I don’t know how useful Evernote’s data export is. If it just gives you 800 HTML files in a single folder, then you’ll have to spend some time getting things organised in Scrivener.