importing from final draft 8

Question 1. Is there presently an import function that will break up your scenes from a final draft 8 screenplay into separate files? Importing the screenplay is no problem at all, but breaking it up into sections - ie. using the scene header as the break point so you have workable bits is very labor intensive.

If there isn’t a function that does it automatically, any suggestions about how to do it quickly and efficently?

Question 2. Scene numbering: I’m losing my scene numbers from final draft 8. Can I get scene numbers back? I find it helps in referencing the scenes.

Question 3. page numbers/scene length. I work in tv. Scene and act length is very important. In Final Draft I’m able to keep track quite easily of how long my acts are. Can I do anything similar in your program?

Questions 1 & 3 are both things that will be addressed by the next version of Scrivener (no release date yet). Import will feature a new automatic slice function that looks for a text pattern and cuts up the manuscript wherever that pattern is located. You say the process is labour intensive, and it can be, but how are you splitting things up? I ask because not everyone spots the document split feature immediately. If you place your cursor at the split point and press Cmd-K it will slice the document off into two chunks. If you were manually creating a new document and then cutting and pasting—that trick will save you some effort.

There will be page preview mode, designed especially for scripting, in the next version of Scrivener as well.

Someone else will have to help you out with #2 as I myself don’t know anything about FD. :slight_smile:

Hi, you may have the impression that Scrivener is a dedicated script-writer.
But it’s mainly a drafting tool. It’s a good place to start a script.
You can use it to brainstorm, to store notes and web links or images
Stuff that helps to inspire your thinking and drafting.
So most writers will work from Scrivener --> Final Draft
Not the reverse.

To answer your question:
Start at the bottom of the file.
Find a scene header, place your cursor at the far left.
Re-title the new document as you wish.
You could enter the scene number there.
As for page numbers and scene length:
At the end of drafting, export to Final Draft.
You will see page numbers and scene lengths there.

Back to my scene numbering question - and thank you all for your imput. I’m asking if in Scrivener you automatically have it number the scenes in your script, or do you have to do it manually. Is there a way to number all the scenes in your script. thank you in advance. Kris

Currently there is no auto-numbering in Scrivener.
That’s a feature of Final Draft.
When you split the text with Cmd-K, type in the scene number then.
See the section on Binder in the Help file, too.

There is nothing currently like this, I’m afraid. In 2.0 there will be the option of showing numbers in the corkboard for navigation purposes, though.
All the best,