Importing from Final Draft

Hi. After a brief trial, I purchased Scrivener for Mac OS X today 7-15-11 & tried to import a screenplay from Final Draft 8 (an fdx file). I got the message that Scrivener couldn’t do this. I thought I could import from Final Draft 8 both fdr & fdx files, so I don’t understand this message. Hope you can help.

What steps did you follow to import the Final Draft file?

First I selected screenwriting format & saved a file with a name for the new draft. That new draft opened in Scrivener. I put the cursor at Scene in the Binder (if I recall correctly). Then I went to File, import. then selected Files. A box opened & I searched for my screenplay file. I selected it & when I clicked on open at the bottom of that little box, I got a message that Scrivener couldn’t use that format - don’t have the language right but it couldn’t open the file which was an fdx file.


Thanks for buying, sorry to hear you’re having problems. Scrivener definitely can import FDX files, so I’m not sure off the bat that the issue is here. First - sorry to ask the obvious - are you sure that the file is in Final Draft 8 FDX format and not Final Draft FDR format? Next, is your Scrivener project open while you try to import? What about if you go to File > Import > Import and Split? Or, what about if you just drag the FDX file from the Finder and drop it into Scrivener’s binder?

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Thank you so much. Using the Import & Split worked! However, I have a Scene box in the binder that when clicked on is blank. Under that are all the scenes from my script. Seems like the scene box serves no purpose since its blank or empty. Or did I somehow get my script into the wrong place in the binder?

I couldn’t find anywhere in the manual or tutorial where it explains the Import & split nor where to import to in the binder. Is there info somewhere on that? Thanks! :smiley:


Generally you would want to import into the Draft folder. Is the empty scene entitled “New Scene”" or “Untitled”? If so, it’s probably just the one that is created by default when you create the project, and you can safely delete it. If you’re using the scriptwriting/screenplay template and it’s a blue “Scenes” folder, and you imported the files inside that, then that’s fine - placing them inside that folder is perfect. I’m not quite sure what you mean by a “scene box”, though, so I’m guessing here. Could you post a screenshot?

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