Importing from Final Draft

I have imported the beginning of a script (8 pages) and the formatting is okay, but everything is off to the left side of the screen and I can’t get the page numbers in.

I would like this to look like the sample script. Any suggestions?



p.s. i am using the demo to see if Scrivener serves me better than Storyist, mainly to hold notes. the writing will be done in FD, then imported to Scrivenor.

Hi Dennis,

Welcome to the forum. I don’t write scripts or have any experience of FD. But as you haven’t had any response, I thought I’d chip it … but with a question.

What I don’t understand is why you are doing your writing in FD8 and then importing into Scrivener. That seems to me to be doing it the wrong way round. The whole raison d’'être of Scrivener is to do the writing in Scrivener, using its power in terms of splitting things up so that they can be moved around, linked, referenced, etc., and notes, research area and so on; and then when you have the draft in the form wanted, export it to FD8 for tweaking the formatting, paginating, putting in CONT’Ds … etc.

So if you do all the writing in FD, I don’t see what Scrivener can really do for you.

Just a thought, and the hope that this will generate more useful feedback for you.


To answer your question.

FD is not letting me print pages with my new printer at fast speed. It takes 20-30 seconds per page. FD tech support has not been able to fix this, and it is the only program (among dozens) this happens with.

My reason for wanting a second program is one for developing and one one for writing the script. I’m using STORYIST right now and like it a lot, but was casting around and exploring other writing programs, such as MM6, (to replace FD8, not for developing) which I used to use, but it glitched in the novel mode. I’m sure that’s fixed now, but in the interim I bought FD8. Always liked MM6 better for some reason. It’s all very personal.

In any case, I like a lot of things about Scrivenor. I will most likely end up owning all of them, which is good, as they all have strong points and weak points.

But basically, to answer your question. FD8 & MM6 are writing programs. Scrivenor & Storyist are development programs. One of each is essential.