Importing Google Doc with comments

I recently participated in a critique group using Google Docs as the commenting system. Each comment is titled with the person’s name/handle. When I download the doc as RTF, or DOCX and import either format into Scrivener, the names are lost. The names (and dates of comment creations) appear as titles to the comments when I load into Pages or Nisus Writer Pro, but in Scrivener, only the text of the comments appears.

Is there a workflow to get the “titles” of these comments to appear in Scrivener?

I also have a critique group and rely on Scrivener for editing after feedback. I’ve had no problems with importing docs from my Mac. I tend to save as .rtf with the name of the person as the file name (see below), save it to my desktop, and then import into the Research Folder. It might be a Google Doc issue…
Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 1.40.06 PM.png

Scrivener won’t support the display and storage of comment meta-data, as I think you are referring to. It will set that information upon export using your name and the current time, and that is how it will appear in a word processor that does display meta-data—but when you import that information is not used for anything and is discarded. If you need to know who wrote what, have them sign their notes.

But for these, maybe a macro on the word processor side that takes that information and puts it into the content area? From glancing over NWP’s macro reference document, it appears one can extract author name and datestamps out of comments.

Thanks. This may push me off the fence and give me a reason to buy NWPro. If I can figure out the macro language soon enough to verify that I can accomplish moving the metadata into the body of the comment.

If you print to a PDF showing comments and then import that as a reference doc, would that be of any use? You could also import the original file so that you have editable text. You could split the screen with the editable text in one split and the PDF (with the names and dates) in the other, giving you all the info you want. Clunky, but workable.

I’d always recommend NWP … as you’ve probably gathered. But if you go that way, Nisus has a forum dedicated to NWP Macros, and there are people there very experienced with NWP Macro language(s) who are extremely generous with their knowledge and time, so there’s plenty of help waiting for you.

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Post Edit: Just don’t go to the Nisus forums at the moment; I’ve been getting a "MySQL General Error” for since yesterday. I can only assume they’re in the process of redesigning the forums, as the rest of the Nisus site seems to be working.

I was wondering why all my google results pointing to the forums terminated in an error. Luckily, I’m not in a hurry to figure this out, and may just go with Briar’s suggestion in the mean-time.

NWP Forum is back up and running now.


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