Importing … italics lost

Have searched the forum and manual sans luck.

When copying and pasting text from Pages or Word into Scrivener, italicised words are converted to normal text.

Any tips on how to preserve the italicised words?

Using latest version of Pages 5. Trying Word 2008. Copying and pasting to/from Pages/Word preserves the italicised words. And using Scrivener 2.5 on Mavericks.

Grazie in advance

Briar KIt

Did you perhaps at some point switch your keyboard shortcut for Cmd-V to “Paste and Match Style”? I don’t have Word 2008, but Pages 5.1 works fine with the same conditions you describe.

Thanks, Ioa.

Haven’t switched CMD+V.

Grateful for your reply…will keep on trying.

Briar Kit

Which font are you using? Some fonts won’t display italics (although Word fuses around this, I didn’t think Pages did). To check, try changing the typeface and see if italics reappear.

Thanks to Nom (Helvetica, but had tried other fonts) and Ioa…I uninstalled Scrivener, rebooted, reinstalled and (drum roll) all is well with the world.

No idea what was wrong, but italics now copy and paste from Pages 5.2 or Word 2008 to Scrivener 2.5.

Appreciate your help, time and kindness.

Briar Kit

Sorry to hear it was more complex than just fonts (I thought it might be, but the simple solutions are always worth a shot). Glad to learn that whatever gremlin was causing the issue has decided to move on.

Weird glitch. Will never get to the bottom of it. Your idea to change fonts was a good one (great minds think alike as I had already tried exactly that). Good to have it working again.

Same problem.
What is the procedure to full uninstall Scrivener on Mac OSX Capitan?

There is no formal procedure for uninstalling software on a Mac (unless the software uses an installer), you just drag the application icon to the Trash icon. If you’re reinstalling because of crashes or odd behaviour, it can be a bit safer to go ahead and empty the trash as well, and then reboot. Under normal circumstances that shouldn’t be necessary however.