Importing MarginNotes 3 mindmaps

Hello. Just started to use MarginNotes 3 to annotate and generate mindmaps from my pdfs…is there a way to import them to Scrivener 3 so my outliner is ready to go?

If you can export from Marginnote to an OPML file, I would think that would work.

Well…Those are the options it offers…

Have you got MindManager or iThoughts? I’ve just testing exporting from MarginNote to iThoughts, then sharing from iThoughts as an OPML file and it works well, as far as I can tell.

If you haven’t got either of those apps, then try FreeMind to see if it will read MarginNote’s export.

I don’t know what OmniOutliner can do on iOS, but that might be another route to OPML, given how their Mac version works.

Well, I was able to export from Margin Note to Ithoughts and from them to OPML. But then when I import the OPML file to Scrivener, it’s just a series of blank files…

In Scrivener, open Preferences, go to Sharing, then choose the right options in OPML.

The only options are where to import and to create a folder for imported OPML, neither makes a difference…

What does it look like in iThoughts? And what does the OPML look like? Note that the Scrivener preferences offer the options to put notes into main text, synopsis, etc, so you might need to change that.

I just found out the problem…Margin Notes, by default, makes its excerpts to images…I had to OCR them to convert to text, and then the Ithoughts->OPML->Scrivener route works… :smiley:
Thanks all, hope MarginNotes developers Adress this issue…

Yeah! That’s a pretty roundabout way of exporting text, hopefully they can get that fixed. OPML is more of a loose convention than a standard, but I don’t think many programs will use images that have been saved into it. It is mostly designed to transfer structured text outlines as headings (with some software supporting a “notes” attribute for long-form text). So it’s perfect for getting outlines between software like Scrivener, mind-maps and dedicated outliners.

I’m relatively new to both Scrivener and MindNotes3 and finding them both exceedingly helpful. I followed Andre’s query on how to import MN3 files into Scrivener and was encouraged that he’d found a solution. What I don’t understand is how to OCR the MN3 file before sending it on to IThoughts? Please advise.

Why not use iThoughts from start?

The OP was using MarginNote, but you indicate that you are using something called ‘MindNotes’. So, maybe you are not talking about the same app?

Anyway, the MarginNotes website indicates that the app has built-in OCR capability. It looks like this is something you would invoke on a per clipping basis. I don’t use the software (though it looks intriguing), so I can’t be any better help.


Hello Again, for my first post here I appear to me mindless when concerned with making mind maps. I mistakenly referred to Margin Notes 3 as Mind Notes 3. Following Andre’s query on how to import MN3 files into Scrivener I was encouraged that he’d found a work around solution. What I don’t understand is how to OCR the MN3 file before sending it on to IThoughts and then on to the files ultimate destination of Scrivener. The OCR feature within MN3 only works on a note by note basis. Some of my files have hundreds of notes making it impractical to OCR individual notes. Please advise.

I am also looking into MarginNotes 3. But learning curve looks daunting - poor documentation. Did you find a good source for learning how to use it?

I wonder if anyone ever found a less circuitous path to getting mindmaps/outlines from MarginNotes to Scrivener. Relooking at this exchange, I think exporting to Word looks like a promising untried route. Especially if the export styles the doc with Word’s Heading styles, since the doc can be dropped right into Scriv. If one’s Scriv project had like-minded Heading styles defined, you would be golden, I should think.

Hi guys, sorry, a little late to the post but just researched the export of margin notes to scrivener myself and thought I’d point out something. Margin note does not by default make extracts into graphics. If you excerpt using the excerpt tool (haven’t tried the graphical boxes etc), you will find it exports into ithoughts (with all lthe margin note links). Ithoughts imports excerpted text from margin note as 'notes attached to the nodes (I assume you give the excerpts headings inside margin notes)… From there I exported via opml into scrivener with all the excerpts appearing as text in scrivener (which as someone else said you can choose where it goes, main body or synoposis etc).
It is thus a straightforward two-stage process, no OCR needed. The links to the source doc are lost in the move from ithoughts to scrivener however but thats no problem for me.