importing md (markdown) files

Hi, Is there any way to import markdown files that are .md as against .mmd?


On OS X, users can just drag .md files into the binder. Same on Windows?

Markdown is just plain text, so the extension shouldn’t be an issue, should it? Gruber, for example, uses .text for Markdown files… … -extension

If Windows doesn’t allow .md files to be dragged into the binder, you could change the extension to .txt and try dragging again. The content won’t change.

If that doesn’t work, you can open the .md file in a text editor and copy and paste the content into a new document in Scrivener.


Briar Kit

thanks for your thoughts - unfortunately drag and drop does not work on the/my windows version. Copy/paste is what I am trying to avoid - I’m trying to get a workflow moving between iOS and win10 but waiting for the iOS scrivener app and syncing via dropbox might end up being quicker :slight_smile:


Ah. :frowning:

Keith, the dev, suggests changing the extension to .txt. Can’t Windows import .txt files?

Before the iOS beta was available, I used Markdown in iA Writer on iOS, shuttling .txt files between my iPad and Macs. Would that work on Windows for you?


Briar Kit

EDIT: .txt should work okay, according to the Windows manual…

[attachment=0]txt windows.png[/attachment]

Fingers crossed!

Hopefully a fellow Windows user can come up with a better solution.


thanks again - yeah maybe - will try the .txt